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  • Tera M. - Gets the squirrels!

    Just too many squirrels. Last year they ate my entire crop of pecans and tomatoes. This year, they got all the pomegranates, plums, barbados cherries and sunflowers. (Thank goodness they don't like onions! At least I got one thing out of my garden! ) They eat holes in my roof eaves, Couldn't take it any more. But I couldn't let my husband take pot shots at them with a gun, either.

  • Freddie - In a city of a thousand bananas there is always a story

    It's was a night like every other. Too many cigarettes and not enough work. Clients were as rare as hens teeth, these days. It seemed word got out that I was getting sloppy. "Mr banana fingers", they called me behind my back. "He's losing his touch", they'ed whisper. But when you've sliced as many as i have you'd get soft too. Fat chance I was retiring now. Not with a '57 convertible half way paid off and a tab at the banana stand on 4th that was well past its shelf life. I was a one punch palooka half way to loserville, smelling like cheap cologne and broken dreams.

  • HELPDESKGUY - Awesome tea

    This tea is incredible. Mind you I am not an avid tea drinker. I'm more of a coffee person. I bought this tea to alleviate stress and deal with irritability. I was pleasantly surprised to find out it tastes wonderful too. The aroma in itself is calming and the lavender and slight anis flavors are just incredible. It combines the benefits of great flavor, being really calming without putting you to sleep, and easing tummy troubles like bloating and indigestion. It is a truly enjoyable tea. I just bought 6 boxes and am about to stock up on some more.

  • Amazon Customer - you will be left short of what you need like myself buying another mouse pad

    Really UP SET with this product. They roll it up so tight in this box that it lays crooked on the table. Iv had 20lbs on top of book for nearly 3 days and it still curls up on the corners. On top of this the corner is folded I have to place my computer on the corner to hold it down. DO NOT BUY THIS, you will be left short of what you need like myself buying another mouse pad

  • Amazon Customer - Barely meets expectations

    I agree--it seems to be poor quality. Did not buy it on Amazon, but have owned this Energizer family charger for about 3 yrs. Only used it regularly for about a year or so, and it's already stopped working. Even before it quit altogether, it seemed to be charging the batteries inconsistently. Kind of defeats the purpose of saving $ by recharging batteries, if you have to replace the charger after only 18 months!

  • Jeff Van Laeke - I would definitely recommend keeping heat on max for first 100 miles

    Worked very well after following instructions and driver car for approx. 100 miles. I had antifreeze in my exhaust and this completely eliminated it.

  • David Charron - Set up is NOT a breeze!

    Once assembled, the E25 model is solid. But boy oh boy is it time consuming to put together. SOLE advertised set up at 25-35 minutes. Come on! It is easily a 3 hour effort! With practice I suspect I could cut that time in half. If you can negotiate "set up" for a reasonable fee, run with it. Otherwise expect to get your heart rate up for the wrong reason.