Integrative Medicine Center of Western Colorado : Integrative Medicine Center of Western Colorado - Bringing together the best of conventional medicine with complementary alternative therapies, Dr Rollins treats the whole person - body, mind & spirit.

  • Medical Providers-Integrative Medicine Center of Western CO : Integrative Medicine Center of Western Colorado - Scott Rollins, MD is the founder & medical director of the Integrative Medicine Center of Western Colorado with a complement of Registered Nurses and staff.
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  • Michael A. Mcmahon - A great find and product

    I did a counter 2 weeks ago and I am very happy with this product so far, I did 1 counter and backsplash 2' x 8", another counter 2" x 6", a small counter 2 x 2 and a table top 2x 2, I just had enough left for small touch ups, I can see if you had 50 sq " of counter top it might not be enough thats maybe where you could go wrong by trying to stretch it, it came out beautiful, its very shiny as its cures but it diminishes just a bit, but I liked the shine so I rubbed in some lemon oil, looks fantastic, there is no way that it looks painted , I strecthed the process over 3 days but it could have been done in 2 days working just a few hours each day, I used a lot of tarps and masking tape and I have a dry vac, a must to clean up

  • Richard Sandstrom - My wife collects these "DATED" chystals. I give her ...

    My wife collects these "DATED" chystals. I give her one every Christmas. She hangs them in our kitchen BAY window and they project colorful light shows throughout the kitchen and the living room. These were a bit high priced but sometimes they are hard to find at all. So ....

  • Wesley C. Hennings - Not good for long term health

    Are you burdened with the thought that the Visalus Shakes reviews you may be reading are less than honest, fair, or accurate? Probably not, but in this note, I will share my opinion of Visalus and provide a review of the Visalus Vi-Shape Shakes.

  • Ana B. - I couldnt put it down

    I thought the book was fantastic and when I had to stop reading to get something done, I found myself thinking of what might happen next. The author writes in a way that makes you feel for the characters, be it sadness, pity, anger or disgust.

  • Nick - Great clock!

    It works as advertised - whether your child will follow the rules of the colored alarm clock is another thing :) Our daughter didn't want to wait until the green light turned on in the morning, but she's slowly learning to use it.

  • The wail - Beware the free riders.

    Be Careful. Perhaps this could be a good tool to sort thru the chaff of links and listings, but I certainly couldn't sort thru Rabbit's BS, and never used the headline product. What I did get to sort through was my installed programs register. Because the dongle installed almost a dozen programs that weren't necessary, to divert my computer for various merchandising schemes. Most were also put in my start-up directory. Some had pretty scary names. I wouldn't say I was hijacked or infected, but it took three sessions including reboots to purge these parasites. Rabbit should give these things away for free, but they still wouldn't be worth it.