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  • Lori_1971 - Only Vitamins my son will eat

    My 4 year old has a ton of food allergies and is in preschool which makes him a germ magnet. We give him these and their multi vitamins so that he gets all that he needs. He loves the taste, and we love that they don't have all of the artificial ingredients that other vitamins have.

  • Tiffypixie - Cargo bag

    This hitch tray cargo bag has far exceeded my expectations. It is made of an incredibly durable material and is well made. We've been shopping for a cargo bag for a while and are also buying / installing a hitch tray. Our vehicle is incredibly small with no storage at all. After recently taking the family of four for a trip out of state that had a 16 hour drive in a Kia Soul, we had decided to go this route for more storage for our next trip. Most of my shopping and trying to find a bag of high quality was putting me in the 150 range of pricing. This bag is selling for under 40, which is incredible.

  • Dan B - Great product. I believe it is blocking fat storage

    This stuff worked for me! I lost 30 pounds in two months, including 20 stubborn belly fat I had for years and couldn't get rid of.

  • Leland - ~ PINK FLOYD'S 2016 (2 CD) REMASTER EDITION sounds flawless! ~

    This repressing of THE WALL is so well done!! I am amazed at just how good this 2 CD set sounds!! FANTASTIC!! This is a review for the 2016 edition. I love the liner notes, the photos inside, the whole package and nicely done audio CDs. Clear black lettering on the CDs with pictures are outstanding. I really didn't care for the scripted writing on a previous release of this album, so am glad to have this flawless edition!! Yes, it is perfect!

  • OnlineShopper13 - Looks good, less reception than stock antenna.

    Like others have said before me. This antenna looks awesome! It does come with a price as the reception isn't as good as the stock antenna. I step a foot outside the city and my reception goes to crap, but within city limits, still works.

  • A. Young - works for me!

    Amazing. I've tried no less than a dozen detanglers for my daughter's tangly hair. This one actually works, isn't greasy, and smells lovely: pleasant and not too perfumy. The fact that my daughter tolerates hair brushing, even after daily swimming at summer camp, is a testament to how well it works.