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  • Megatron - Great performance update

    Overall everything is way after than before. All applications are extra responsive and there is better integration between the TV, home theater, and cable box. The voice commands and motion control functions are more responsive and they actually work now. The major cons are the TV and Home theater integration could be better through adding more control of the AVR in terms of source selection and anynet + control. Hopefully future updates will make this better!

  • King - amazing

    I just received this in the mail... I workout eat right 24/7 its my lifestyle ive been wanting to try one of these belt out since I had my son almost 8 months ago to assist my workouts. I tried it for 10 minutes on highest intensity and love it. it felt like a massage chair for my belly and now its off my belly feels like I just did 5000 sit ups..AMAZING (:

  • Sandy Hack - There's Plenty Here to Upset Both Liberals and Conservatives

    This thoroughly researched analysis of the overwhelming changes in American society since 1960 is compelling reading. Murray compares a prototypical "New Elite Class" town (Belmont) with a "New Lower Class" town (Fishtown) and convincingly concludes that the growing division is not a function of race, but of class. Until the 1960s America had a homogeneous culture; people had 3 TV stations to watch, nearly universal employment, marriage, religious observance, and a low crime rate. The downside was the status of African Americans and women, who had severely constricted life choices. Elites and the working class used to live fairly similar lives in close proximity. Now, the New Lower Class is experiencing sharp deterioration and the New Elites have segregated themselves and pulled up the drawbridge.