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IHA - Leading Multi-Specialty Medical Group Practice for Southeast Michigan - Find a primary care physician, specialty care and urgent care from IHA, southeast Michigan's leading not-for-profit multi-specialty physician group.

  • http://ihacares.com/about-iha-2/contact-iha IHA - Contact - You can contact IHA by email or by phone at 734.995.2950. Email responses will be given as soon as possible and generally within 1 - 2 business days.
  • http://ihacares.com/primary-care-2/family-medicine IHA - Family Medicine - Find comprehensive care for your entire family. IHA's Family Practice covers a wide range of ailments and conditions, common and uncommon.
  • http://ihacares.com/primary-care-2/internal-medicine IHA - Internal Medicine - Looking for preventive health services? IHA physicians offer specialized care for and patients with acute and chronic multi-system diseases.
  • http://ihacares.com/primary-care-2/nurse-midwifery IHA - Nurse-Midwifery - Find an experienced midwife from IHA. Our nurse midwives practice evidence-based medicine in comprehensive women’s health care.
  • http://ihacares.com/primary-care-2/obstetrics IHA - Obstetrics - Find an obstetrician in southeast Michigan. IHA OB/GYNs provide the highest level of obstetrical care possible.
  • http://ihacares.com/primary-care-2/gynecology IHA - Gynecology - Find an obstetrician in Southeast Michigan. IHA OB/GYNs provide the highest level of gynecological care possible.
  • http://ihacares.com/primary-care-2/pediatrics IHA - Pediatrics - Get top pediatric care from an IHA physician. From newborns to teenagers, IHA's pediatric services are some of the most advanced in Michigan.
  • http://ihacares.com/specialty-care-2/cardiovascular-surgery IHA - Cardiovascular Surgery - IHA cardiovascular surgeons are highly-trained specialists who perform many different types of operations to repair damage caused by diseases or disorders of the cardiovascular system.
  • http://ihacares.com/specialty-care-2/colon-rectal-surgery IHA - Colon & Rectal Surgery - IHA colon and rectal surgeons treat benign and malignant conditions, perform routine screening examinations and surgically treat problems when necessary.
  • http://ihacares.com/specialty-care-2/dermatologic-surgery IHA - Dermatologic Surgery - IHA Dermatologic Surgery Consultants is a full service dermatological surgery practice specializing in Mohs micrographic surgery, melanoma excision and advanced reconstruction.
  • http://ihacares.com/specialty-care-2/dermatology IHA - Dermatology - Find a board-certified IHA dermatologist in southeast Michigan. Our expert dermatologists care for every age group, and is focused on each individual’s needs.
  • http://ihacares.com/specialty-care-2/general-surgery IHA - General Surgery - At IHA, our general surgeons are trained to diagnose your problem and recommend the most appropriate treatment in coordination with a patient’s primary care physician.
  • http://ihacares.com/specialty-care-2/hematology-oncology IHA - Hematology / Oncology - Need specialty care in southeast Michigan? IHA provides the top care available, including hematology and oncology services.
  • http://ihacares.com/specialty-care-2/infectious-diseases IHA - Infectious Diseases - Looking for an infectious disease specialist? IHA can provide you with an expert physician that can diagnose and treat a range of infectious diseases.
  • http://ihacares.com/specialty-care-2/maternal-fetal-medicine IHA - Maternal-Fetal Medicine - IHA Maternal-Fetal Medicine is dedicated to treating women with high risk pregnancies to provide a healthy life for mothers and babies.
  • http://ihacares.com/specialty-care-2/neurology IHA - Neurology - Find a neurologist in your area. IHA provides physicians that specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the nervous system.
  • http://ihacares.com/specialty-care-2/pulmonary-critical-care IHA - Pulmonary & Critical Care - Find pulmonary and critical care in southeast Michigan. IHA physician are experts at evaluating and treating diseases.
  • http://ihacares.com/specialty-care-2/sleep-medicine IHA - Sleep Medicine - Get specialized care for sleep disorders from IHA. Our expert physicians diagnose and treat a wide range of sleep disorders, including sleep apnea, snoring, and insomnia.
  • http://ihacares.com/specialty-care-2/thoracic-surgery IHA - Thoracic Surgery - Find a thoracic surgeon in southeast Michigan. IHA’s expert surgeons can treat diseases of the lungs, esophagus, chest wall, and mediastinum.
  • http://ihacares.com/specialty-care-2/urology IHA - Urology - Looking for a urologist in southeast Michigan? IHA physicians are specially trained, and can expertly diagnose and treat all urological conditions.
  • http://ihacares.com/specialty-care-2/vascular-endovascular-surgery IHA - Vascular & Endovascular Surgery - Find a surgeon who specializes in vascular surgery. IHA’s expert surgeons provide comprehensive care to patients with vascular disease.
  • http://ihacares.com/additional-healthcare-services-2/iha-extended-care-services IHA - Extended Care Services - IHA Extended Care Services is comprised of a team of experienced physicians and nurse practitioners who treat patients in short-term, long-term and assisted living facilities.
  • http://ihacares.com/additional-healthcare-services-2/hospital-medicine IHA - Hospital Medicine - IHA hospitalists provide personalized, specialized care for patients during their time in the hospital.
  • http://ihacares.com/additional-healthcare-services-2/imaging-services IHA - Imaging Services - IHA and our expertly trained and accredited staff offer southeastern Michigan a complete array of medical diagnostic services.
  • http://ihacares.com/additional-healthcare-services-2/lactation-consultants IHA - Lactation Consultants - IHA provides the best care before, during, and after your baby is born. Our lactation consultants offer the support and education you need during this period.

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