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  • grandma of two - Excellant floor liner set.

    Delivered on time, fit like a glove, and perfect for winter conditions in NE Ohio snow belt. Great buy for price.

  • Bibi Ishmael - Not the best

    Only two Adhaan to choose from an those were not the best. The good one has the fajr line in it. For me I mostly use this app to remind me of the daily prayers. Other features is not so bad. You can check the names and attributes of Allah quickly. The compass ones not work on my Kindle Fire HD

  • Scott K - Huge disappointment - expensive add on apps and horrible performance.

    The applications are way over priced (look at them before you buy this device) and the tablet is so sluggish it's almost unuseable. I'm very disappointed in the overall experience using the device. If we had not thrown the box away I would have returned it - a waste of money. You'd be better off investing in a 7" Android tablet and getting better performance, cheaper applications, and more flexibility in terms of the device "growing" with your child. I've updated to the latest firmware of the device and it's still a very poor user experience simple tasks like scrolling through the applications you have installed is painfully slow in addition the touch screen seems to severely lack responsiveness.

  • darknsweetqt - New look

    love the way it made my car look... it's not a big change, but it's small enough to still have a big impact

  • Marcia Kaye Tamez - Great product

    This machine is so quiet. Also, I am still using it on the low setting but I can feel the difference already. I have had no prolems with leaking but I have only had mine a couple of weeks. It is so much better than the other brands I have had in the past and finally thrown out with the trash. Including a WaterPik which is suppose to be the best. I don't feel that you can go wrong with this purchase.

  • Yoda - Little or no value for those who do not need to work via "the cloud"

    Microsoft Office 2013 differs from the previous version of Office, basically, in one very significant way. That is it permits the user to work with "the cloud". Documents can be placed in the cloud and then worked with from computers that also have Office. Hence no need, like in the old days, of having to carry around hard disks, CDs, etc. with one's working files between client locations or from home to office. Of course, the use of the cloud does entail some risks as data stored there is not as secure as on one's external hard disk or cds (assuming there is not a possibilty that the hard disk or cds can be stolen).

  • Colleen - a little expensive for what it's used for.....

    This item is okay but a little expensive. Just a thought: if I only plan on filling this with women, shouldn't I only have to pay 75 cents to the dollar? In today's economy, who needs the extra expense?