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  • Debbie W - Didn't do what we expected

    I bought this for my daughter who suffers from year round allergies. She is currently raking Allegra and prescription nasal mist and inhaler. Was hoping the DHist would eliminate the need for one or more of these medications. It didn't work, I urged her to stay with it. After completing entire bottle she felt zero relief. Also purchased a bottle for a friend, she stopped raking after two weeks because she was not getting any relief. We purchased the product because a lady in our manicure salon raved about how much it helped her. So I am assuming it is good, just depends on the degree of allergies.

  • Diamondbrite - It is easy to use

    I originally bought this product for my husband who is balding but he never used it so I decided to try it myself since my hair has been thinning at the bangs area for quite a few years. It is easy to use, especially with the Toppik Spray Applicator. I spray it at the root and under my hair (I side part so I spray at the center and "comb over"). It's great for me since I don't have "bald spots" so I fill these in, effectively camouflaging the scalp under my hair.

  • Amazon Customer - Used the citrus flavor. Took it 9/15/2016. Took ...

    Used the citrus flavor. Took it 9/15/2016. Took it at 1:30 fifteen minutes after drank a bottle of water. Then 30 mins after drunk another bottle of water. Ate fruit then went and took the drug test at 4:30. Urine was very clear but I passed.

  • A. Roberts - Helped With Water Retention

    I first bought the Elemis Deep Drainage Body Detox as part of a package of 3 Elemis products. The "Deep Drainage" was the only item that produced visible results. Since then I have purchased the item several times. It seems to help me reduce water retention and bloating especially in my hips and thighs. My only criticism is the cost.

  • Jennifer Toro - I am sort of new to the world of essential ...

    I am sort of new to the world of essential oils. I opened the package and you could immediately smell the different scents. A few drops in a diffuser is plenty otherwise it is a little overpowering.

  • Carla - Great Product, but BEWARE of OLD product being sold

    Beware that a LOT of companies resale OLD Hope in a Jar products. The product itself should be white and fluffy, you should be able to hold it upside down with the lid off and it doesn't move {doesn't come running out}. When you apply it to your skin it should sort of sink in like water, not lay on the surface feeling oily etc. I have ordered from 4 different people on ebay and Amazon...twice I received a legitimate jar and twice I received a yellowish liquid stuff. It is likely that it is old and wasn't purposely swapped, but it is wrong for companies not to inform you that you are buying old product, so please remember to leave negative feedback to help warn others.