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  • Tommy Maranges - Probably great for the Strayed fan, not worth your time otherwise

    tl;dr: reading this collection of essays is an activity punctuated by exactly as many eye rolls and mimed masturbations as reading Strayed's own work. For some people, that number is zero, and God bless them. For most people, including the reviewer, that number is much, much higher and not worth an investment of time or money.

  • Christie Dull - Bibble Study

    I recently downloaded this to my computer. It is a newer version than the one I use for Bible study, and having it on my laptop for Bible study group is superior when looking up footnotes and changing chapters much faster.

  • David Barber - great product bad shipping technique

    My friends and a few other people I know have one of these blenders and love them. The last two days my wife has loved hers. My only problem was the way they shipped it to me. They used the original box (which is padded), but they didn't even tape the tabs or anything. So if the delivery people would have carried it wrong or anything then it could have fallen out of the box, or someone could have taken pieces without anyone knowing. The other bad thing was I bought this as an anniversary gift and since it was in it's original package my wife obviously knew what it was when she pulled up to the house.

  • Amazon Customer - Worst Thing I Ever Had Done To A New Car.

    This may be a fine product. I will never know. The idiot my dealership paid to apply Xzilon to my brand new truck apparently used a steel wool pad to put it on. I've never seen a new paint job with more swirl marks in my life. My wife's six year old car looks better than my new truck. Swirl marks, holograms, and water spots all over the place. The dealership says they will fix it, but how do I trust them not to make it worse? My advise? Never let the dealer apply this to your car.

  • toya B - I really like this juice

    I really like this juice, but the prices is just to high when i first started buying them on here i paid 23 or 25, for 2 i like the price and only bought from here. If the price go down i will surely order more because i like having around when i need it.

  • Christopher - They are fast and easy to load

    I bought 5 of these. Our family loves using these. They are fast and easy to load. Great family activity. The darts will sting a bit if they hit you in the face from 10 feet away. I know this because I'm been shot in the face more than once.