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Country:, Europe, FR

City: 2.3095 Hauts-de-Seine, France

  • Choppy - Fun, as challenging as you prefer

    Initially, I started on the first board with simple puzzles. I quickly realized that solving the boards is like eating popcorn (or candy corn). This is a game I can lose myself in, but I'm not totally sure that's a good thing - I do have things I need to do! I did start playing the daily puzzle, and have been able to successfully solve all those puzzles so far. So when I make it through the daily puzzles, I put the game down. If I meet my other goals I get to play more. So in case you haven't already guessed: I'm really enjoying this game and the lovely instant gratification of the check mark or star - and I do appreciate the star.

  • Richard A - Hallmark Card Studio is an inferior product with poor customer support

    I spent 40 minutes on three different live chat sessions and 55 minutes on phone hold with customer support before I hung up. In addition, I spent an hour trying to fix this problem prior to calling for support. I also completed the web contact form. The disclaimer on the web page states: "You will receive an automated confirmation response from us within an hour of submitting the request. If you do not receive our response, it is likely the filters on your email account are blocking our emails." How convenient is that to pass the buck on lack of support right back to the customer by suggesting our e-mail program is rejecting their response? I'm still waiting for them to acknowledge my request for support.