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  • Ryan - Keeps wine fresh a few days longer

    I am a big fan of this wine saver pump. While it does not extend the life of a bottle of wine for a long period of time, it is nice to have an extra few days before beginning to notice a difference in taste. The mechanism is easy to manage, with a very discernible "click" when you no longer need to pump. For a half-filled bottle, I tend to need about 10 pumps. If you find it difficult or painful to work with your hands, fear not, as this pump's mechanism is very smooth.

  • Amazon Customer - There was a learning curve since I formerly used Nero ...

    There was a learning curve since I formerly used Nero 8. For whatever reason, it took over 2 hours to burn a video CD with Nero 2016 where it used to take about 15 minutes with Nero 8.

  • Apalmer - A must have for potterheads!

    This cookbook is a must have for any potterhead. There are amazing recipes that are quick and easy to make. Instructions are step by step and ingredients are easily accessible from any grocery store. Perfect for a Harry Potter marathon!

  • J. Leavitt - Great Sub Hub

    My Toyota Hubcap fell off and was crushed by other cars. Toyota told me they were $75 per Hubcap and that the reason they cost so much is that they were made of plastic. I loved that one. I ordered these they came really fast and look really good. Thank you so much.

  • Spicy Sheena - Excellent product

    I personally dn't use this product I just bought it for my mom who uses this...I bought it as a present for her since I know it is one of the things she loves and prefers to use

  • belmont - Truly Healthy Hair😍💗😊💞

    Nzuri...this would be by 2 month review. It's a wonderful Vitamin Tonic and it's full of the essential vitamins that promote hair health and the overall vitality for your body. I haven't experienced any side effects. Now, there are some very interesting changes in the strands of my hair. First, my hair increased in thickness, I already had thick 4b-4c hair. Each strand of my hair is thick from root to tip. Next, the luster of my hair increased without the added moisturizing aids. I've definitely experienced less breakage. Finally, and continuing hair length changes around the 8-10 week my hair went from earlobe length in the front to neck-length and shoulder length in the back. Here are a couple of thinks to know, I trimmed my hair when I first started the Elixer. If you are on the fence and want results that are lifelong(which requires patience and dedication) then this truly the product for you. It is result driven but, it's not overnight, try it your hair will love you for it!!