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    City: -96.8217 Texas, United States

  • Herbert L. Anderson - casino games

    This one seems as good as any I have found and so far I have found no errors in it like there were in the previous version.

  • GBsterling - This year's version is very buggy

    I just installed the program a few days ago, but have been having problems ever since. The program generally doesn't launch successfully - it pops up a window saying I need to wait for important notifications, and it never gets past that. Then, it wants me to update the Federal tax program. But the update froze the first time I tried it, and it won't get past that point now. So I'm using the older version of the program that I got on the CD they shipped me. And when I finally do get into the program and start entering data, I find that it imports my federal long and short term loss carryovers, but not the state ones. Some of these problems seem to keep occurring year after year, like the hangups during the update procedure. But overall I would say the program is much buggier this year.

  • Hippie Blogger - Zhou Nitrition makes some really great and reliable blends

    Zhou Nitrition makes some really great and reliable blends. This is a nice formula that really helps calm and relax the body and mind.