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  • Jeffrey F Knakal - Does the job I needed and works well with Mac OS 10.8 Mountain Lion.

    I recently upgraded my computer with an SSD drive and this word product is lightning fast on this drive. It is a pleasure to use and is compatible with Mountain Lion with the online updates. The only reason why I did not give it five stars is that I do remember before I upgraded to an SSD drive that word did have slow launch times when I opened the program.

  • Shelene - Have shared with family and friends.

    We have shared the book with family and friends. We have tried some things in it. My mother-in-law uses the Ceylon Cinnamon for her diabetes. Her blood sugar is doing better than ever. She gave a weeks worth of it away to a friend to have them try it out. They have now switched to it for their diabetes. There are other things we have tried they worked too. Some friends and family have bought their own copy. Others come to borrow ours again.

  • Emilly LeDee - One charger for all my battery needs

    I got this along with multiple sizes of rechargeable batteries. With my new baby, all his toys needs lots of batteries different sizes so I stashed up on batteries and this charger works for all the different batteries.

  • Mark E. Stenroos - It Looks Like VCI FINALLY Got It Right - And For Cheap!

    I received my copy of the 60th Anniversary set today via Amazon (and kudos to Amazon, which refunded me a total of $7 from the pre-order price I had paid back on Oct 2, charging me a mere $10.99 for this 2-disc set, ie: at their Nov 2 price).

  • Colin - Wow! This is great!

    This supplement is really awesome! Every time I take it I get the consistent effect of becoming relaxed and being in a good mood. Here is the catch though, you have to move it around your gums to get this effect.

  • Terri Hoffman Curtis - Gripping, thought provoking

    Erica Sparks is a top-rated cable network newscaster who suspects that the Democratic Presidential candidate has been brainwashed by the Chinese. Now the Chinese are manipulating events to make sure he is elected as the next President of the United States. Erika sets out to find out who the players are in this conspiracy and reveal them to the public before election day.

  • FaithieP - Attention Tweezer Wimps!

    Where has this been all my life? I am a tweezer-wimp and as such I have had kind of bushy brows all my life. But these suckers are some kind of safety razor. They can't cut you but they will trim and shape your brows. I watched Kandee Johnson (?) on You Tube do her brows with this and it ended up being very easy for me to mimic even as a brow newbie.