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  • B.A.D. - TRD look alike

    love the spoiler for the price, though has hard edges that need to be sanded down you can see it on my car on instagram: @pistonperformance

  • mundo - waiting for my mats in the salty winter weather

    I ordered my mats a while ago and still do not have them. My car is brand spanking new and the salt is not good for my new carpets. When I FINALLY get my Mats I am sure i will love them. The pair I had on my F150 were awesome and still are 15 years later. Luckily for me they fit in the front of my new Accord until my order gets delivered. I have not heard from the seller after days of contact.

  • Rob D - 99% Perfect!

    I bought a 2012 2.0T Limited a few months ago and have put a little money into it. Not only is this car amazing on gas (25-30mpg the way I drive), but it has plenty of power. Especially with the modifications i've made. The interior is extremely comfortable and has all the features you could want. Mine did not come with GPS, but that's what I have a cell phone for. The fit and finish is beautiful, although I think it could have used a 'front lip' to add a sportier look. Overall, this is my favorite car I have ever owned. Plenty of space for my wife and son, lots of trunk space for just about anything, and a comfortable, exhilarating drive wherever I go. Good job Hyundai! Glad to see you making an awesome name for yourself!

  • Mike Barone - The Quick Shine container instructions are the second worst in world history

    The Quick Shine container instructions are the second worst in world history.......a terrible injustice to a such a great product. My specifics related to cleaning and repairing the finish are shown below.

  • James - it could be a well done show ...

    I am not enjoying this as much as I was. Sure Alex O'Loughlin is easy on the eyes, but the plot lines are a bit shallow and the one with his girlfriend, downright stupid.

  • Wilmer Colmenares - i've been using it for around a month now, ...

    i've been using it for around a month now, i have to say the picture quality is OUTSTANDING!, the flat design and the 1,5cm depth of the screen, adding to that the minimalistic design kinda looking as apple monitors... The picture quaity is really a navtive 1080p resolution, it you want it for gaming the highest Hz you can get are 60hz.

  • Lady of the Lake - Las Vegas bound

    If you are going to Las Vegas, you get your money back and then some with the coupons in the back of the book. It helps if you are renting a car or driving, as many of the 2 for 1 offers are outside of the strip area. I have used this book for 3 years and told others about it - everyone likes it.