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  • edgar daniel araujo - Outrageously simulator

    Outrageously simulator, players running without direction, your best defenses attackers even when valuing your attacker is greater the defender, passes without direction, constatemente balls to posts, very slow artificial intelligence.

  • lorigonzo - Beautiful fun story for Eugenia and Devon!

    I adored the story between Devon and Eugenia. I loved the premise of their story and all the preparations she took to get her husband to love her and be faithful to her. Together they were a very sweet and natural couple who got along perfectly but were confused on how their marriage should be. Devon was a true gentleman and treated Eugenia with respect, concern, and tenderness. He saw the real her and loved her for herself. Eugenia was fun and youthful and eager to be the perfect wife to Devon in all ways. It hurt my heart everytime she would have doubts. She wanted what we all want - true love, passion, to feel safe and wanted. And I admired her for sticking up for herself with Devon. When he finally realized his true feelings, the manner in which he revealed them to Eugenia was simple perfection.