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  • Ed W. - Good capability, Poor GUI interface; Not for Beginner

    I used to like Acronis True Image (ATI) several years ago. Their WD Harddrive version (based on v10 or v11) was FREE and functioned well. It's limitation was only FULL HHD Partition backup/recovery was provided. But it worked to revert back to a prior date of Full Partition Backup if a major PC failure arose, especially if you could not even get Windows running (utilizing bootable CD of ATI). BUT I purchased ATI 2015 in Nov 2014, even after reading online many problem existed. Overall, I am concerned that the ATI company has not provided a well tested product in version 2015. They have attempted to make GUI screens user friendly, but to me have caused confusion to the average "disk imaging" customer. The new GUI screen is fair at best (I am surprised by its crudeness). First of all locating existing image files (which helps user learning) is difficult and not intuitive. The graphic instructions are too large and simplified. Graphic symbols are too big, yet text guidance and explanation is sparse and weak. The overly simplified and terse text can lead users into making bad choices, or dead-end situations that again confuses user and cause unstoppable processes to proceed or lockup PC. In my opinion. ATI guidance and step-specific guidance has worsened in version 2015. Now even more users are having problems with incremental backup files (being defined as "corrupt" without repair or possible use); sometimes even file "validation" is not trusted. I do not know why ATI company has released new GUI version without extensive Beta testing by average users (which appears a major problem with ATI 2015). I had thought an improvement update to ATI 2015 would be forthcoming (as some of the paid reviewer articles had predicted), but so far have seen nothing. If I had not used ATI version 10 and 11 prior, I would only give 2 stars. Three stars is generous based on the overall disk imaging backup/recovery usefulness potential, which ATI 2015 has "set back" by years.

  • Amy Martin - I actually dont usually like gummy vitamins because honestly i think most taste DISGUSTING

    Im gonna start this review off by letting you know that the bottle of orange vitamins is different than what is pictured in the description. Mine is the same brand ProVita Labs but it says VitaMoons instead of HairOmega. Mine is Vitamin B Complex gummies instead of the comple multivitamin gummies for hair, however on the side in the description it says Multiple B Vitamins, Vitamin A, C, D, E so it aids also as a multivitamin, I just wanted to state that mine is a different bottle so you receive the same. The strawberry one that i received is in fact the same exact one in the description picture.

  • Amazon Customer - great product!

    My husband and I have been using it for years. Our hair is soft and smooth, not frizzy anymore. Also we use it as a conditioner. If you buy it you won't regret it.

  • twinmommy - Worked for us!

    Just wanted to say that my son was premature and had severe reflux and allergies to the milk protein. This formula was better than any other, even the Neocate. Just a side note, the liquid formula IS different than the powder. The liquid formula doesn't contain corn solids and the powder does. I had my son on the powder and he would arch and pull away after two ounces (his twin sister could take about 5-6 ounces at this point and his weight was much less than hers). I switched to the liquid and he sucked it down like he hadn't eaten in months. It's very expensive but totally worth it in our circumstance! The only reason it doesn't get five stars is b/c, yes, it has a horrible smell... but he likes it so I don't really care what it smells like!

  • DeanD - Happy Footsies

    Fits great, feels sturdy. I'm not on my feet all day, but for the hours I do spend walking on concrete floors they are pretty comfortable.Haven't broken in yet, still pretty stiff. I have had Merrell hikers before and these are just as good as they were, I hope they last as long!

  • jennifer - Give it a chance

    At first I didn't like the soap much. But after using it for about a month I find it soothing and my skin calm as soon as I use it. Give it some works . I have roscea and very sensitive skin with acne and I am pretty clear now.

  • Rachael - sent me the wrong phone

    I bought this phone as a D910a but after toying around with the phone I noticed I was only having 1g with my T-Mobile sim card. I thought maybe it was because I put it in the wrong sim holder but after going through the settings I was sold a D910i.