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  • Arthur S. Valla - DO NOT USE TaxACT Software

    There is a major error in the calculation of the deduction for a home office. It made a $19,000 deduction error in my favor last year. I am hoping the IRS does not catch it.

  • Queenlacey11 - Love this shake mix.

    Have been on shape mix for 4 months now and have lost 32 pounds on it with that shakes and excersise!!!! Bought from the Visalis company the first mouth and then I found the same thing on amazon for a lot cheaper!!! But don't get discourage if u don't lose weight right away I was in for 3 weeks b4 I lost any weight on the shakes.

  • Michael R. - Best Blender I've Ever Used

    My wife has been pureeing food to make baby food at home and our old Cuisinart blender couldn't handle it. We decided to spend a little money on a decent blender and after going through some reviews we ended up with the Ninja 660. We absolutely love it.

  • John - Better than US AT&T Version Snapdragon 820

    I was nervous about purchasing an international version of this phone but I'm happy I did. I actually owned a US AT&T version prior to this model and I can confirm the following after several days of use and testing: