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  • sammyrosie - like the magazine ...disappointed in the kindle presentation

    Text is hard to read on the Fire, and popular science offers an interactive app that is NOT available for the Fire.....I shoulda subscribed thru the itunes store ......I'd enjoy it much better on my iPad......

  • Jacob Blain Christen - Good for an underweight child refusing to eat solids

    My daughter was born very premature, so we had to really watch the number of calories she got. This was great for once she transitioned off of breast milk, and she didn't like very textured food (basically any protein). We did prefer her to eat calories from a variety of food. Once she started eating some protein, we had to stop giving her the PediaSure to leave her hungry enough to eat the other foods.

  • M Brown - Love this planner!

    Love this planner! It is great for the student because it is a school year planner which starts in August! I love how it has the daily breakdown on each page along with the calendar! It gives you enough room to write every assignment in on each day! The cute prints and things on each page make it fun! Very happy with this planner!

  • Scott Eldridge - Perfect for light use, no good for heavy use

    We use our hot plate to keep a pot of coffee warm. We drink a *lot* of coffee, so our hot plate is on for about 14 hours out of every 24. We've now purchased (via our local Target) four of these Aroma hot plates, and each of them has died after no less than 6 months but no more than a year. The failure mode, though, is a bit frightening. The gizmo that turns the warmer back off when it reaches the right temperature simply stops detecting the right temperature, and we come back to find the coffee pot at a lovely boil. Not good for the coffee, and frightening in its potential for fires.

  • Fabian M. Rodriguez - Shaving with class

    This product is very good. I know it is pricey and I know that it is just shaving. However, that why you want to buy it. It is made for those who want a classy shave and have that professional 'look.' I always wanted a real close shave with a scent that is not aloe that Gillete offers. It goes on thick and smooth. May I recommend a shave brush as well. Lavender smells great and the ladies will be guessing what scent you are wearing. I just like to be ahead of the curve in classy products. Just buy it and see for yourself.