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  • magda - I was very disappointed with this product

    I was very disappointed with this product. This was supposed to be a regular battery shaver but it doesn't shave. I tried to use it on few different areas of my skin and I didn't notice any single hair was shaved. I only gave it a 2nd star for the look because it looks cool, but for the performance of this product it should be one star. It starts so you can hear it but it just doesn't shave.

  • M. McClain - Holy cow!!! It really works

    I used this to restore all of the oak cabinets in my house. Our house was built in 1988 and had fairly upscale Merilat cabinets that were just worn and faded. In the bathrooms, we had a lot of hzings, greying, and checking.

  • Bradley Pon - I got fake ones...Check them upon receiving

    I ordered these for my girlfriend because she wanted ones with darker lenses. When the came in the mail, I immediately compared them to her original ones because I was skeptical after having read all the stories about the fake ones out there. I had done my homework...and these would have easily passed as "real" if my girlfriend had bought them herself and didn't think twice. The cheap plastic frame was scratched above the left lens, and there was no engraved "RB" on the lens. The frame on the new ones look and feel more "toy-store" made as if they were from a large production factory; compared to the sturdier, handmade frames of the original ones. Don't get fool paying good money. Make sure you're getting the real deal.

  • Dutch - Excellent champage guide - you won't regret buying it!

    Excellent guide for champagne lovers. As in any champagne book you won't find all brands and releases - probably it's not feasible or practical. However you'll find most of popular (in the US) brands and more. Strong sides:

  • zonlyone - A gentle peel.

    I found this to be very mild and non irritating. I have very sensitive skin and have found the ORO Gold line in general to be great for me. BTW: I see there are a lot of bad reviews about selling practices and so forth, but I'm not commenting on that since I bought all my stuff here on Amazon. So, I'll just speak about the product itself, which I believe is what these reviews are for.

  • L. Hess - Smooth as Silk

    Silky smooth. That's the best way to describe my hair after using this wonderful product. My cupboards are full of beauty products that haven't delivered, but Biosilk Therapy Serum is definitely one that I'll turn to again and again. I use it in conjunction with the hair dryer and a round brush on some days and with a flat iron on others. Even with the harsh heat generated by both items, my hair remains so soft! I don't typically take the time to write reviews, but this is one product that I love. One word of caution, though. Using too much tends to leave the hair a bit oily. I've found that a dime-size portion is perfect.

  • Very Happy - this is a really nice piece of software

    Hi, this is a really nice piece of software. It's easy to learn and use just watch the video's. Learning curve is not that hard. I was drawing floor plans in 2 days. Then it just exploded into colors, fixtures, porches, roof designs, you name it. All the people that gave this product a 1 or 2 rating couldn't build a house must less design a house plan. They are full of s...t. For 100 bucks this software rocks. I have drawn about 30 plans so far, because my wife doesn't like something on each one, but hey it's no problem I just go back and remove things she's not happy with and add what she wants. After 30 attempts I got what she wants. I am the man and she is happy all for a hundred bucks, and the house we both want.