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  • Kaye Cook - A always a great read.......

    I love Virgil, Lucas.....all the characters in theses books. This one was harder to get into because of the concept. Once I got far enough, it was a pleasure.

  • mahlet - Worth every penny

    I normally do not write reviews but I had to for this one!! It's aaaaamazing how it works. I get UTI almost once a month, have been taking a lot of antibiotics which isn't good to take frequently, one time I had a feeling that I was gonna have another uti, by then I was tired of going to the clinic and come back with antibiotics so I went to cvs and got Azo cranberry, in two days the symptoms were GONE. Done. I didn't even need antibiotic. I was so happy I found out about this product. Drink a lot of water and get you Azo, love my life lol really!!

  • Lisa F. - Great for dermaplaning!

    That's what we're calling ladies' face-shaving these days, right? Dermaplaning? ;-) Truly, though, I've used these nice little blades without even a hint of a nick. Downward strokes only, following the growth of the hair, in short movements; to use an artist's description, "sketch" the strokes, don't "draw" them in one long line. Leaves my skin smooth as a baby's behind. Hair grows in with no change in texture.

  • Terry Long - Sleepy Time really makes it "sleepy time"

    I've been using the tea for about 3 months now about an hour before "wanting" to go to sleep, and it literally makes me sleepy. I know it probably won't work the same way with everyone, but it sure helps me wind down after a long day and go to sleep.