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  • Jose Del Cid - Rungo

    Ringo and his friends always made good concerts, this one is not an exception..the the repertoir is different from the predecesors....... Is for beatle fans......!

  • charles oconnor - great fit

    Does just what you want floor mats to do..........holds the depoits in place till you want to shake out the mat...........

  • Amazon Customer - never going to buy

    EA seems to think that my computer isn't mine. They seem to think that they can choose whatever gets installed on my machine via their draconian DRM, (heretofore referred to as the evil Dr. M). Well, I don't have anything much against your average Dr. M (I buy games off of Steam for heaven's sake) but when it goes as far as EA's, then it's time to boycott.

  • S. Albin - Hair greatness is real

    I love this product and saw results within a month's time.'ve been taking this for 3 years. No acne, no hair growing in places it shouldn't, and I have twice as much hair on my head. It's fuller and healthier hands down. I use to just take biotin and it worked 40% of what this does. I took the max dose of Biotin and it still didn't touch what hairfinity does. If I miss a day when I just took biotin, my hair would break off horribly in just 3 days. If I miss days of hairfinity, it gets a little dry but no breakage. I'll keep taking this vitamin packed pill and enjoy great health and great hair. My hair has not been this healthy since I was a child and I'm 42. I can go from relaxed hair to natural hair without all the stupid breakage. I'd recommend it in a heartbeat. I use Tresseme keratin shampoo and conditioner products and a little olive oil for shine. It's so easy to love this thick hair of mine when it's growing instead of breaking. Its usually the combination that speeds up the product but its i know its definitly the Biotin that is in the ingredients.

  • Howard Myers - Results so far are marginal

    I tried this on my new golf shoes. It was okay but in spite of following the directions diligently it didn't live up to my expectations. The multiple layers required of can one and then can two should have produced pronounced results.