Freshwater Aquariums – Fish, Supplies & More - Learn how to start a freshwater aquarium with betta fish, goldfish, puffer fish and more. Get Expert advice on keeping your fish happy and healthy.

  • Aquariums Maintenance; The Unsuspected Dangers Part 1 - It is important to look as some of the more unusual factors that could be leading to major problems with your aquarium community.
  • Aquarium Plants - Real or Artificial? - Which plant is better for your community freshwater aquarium, real or artificial? The pros and cons of live plants versus artificial aquarium plants.
  • Aquarium Fish Advisor - Welcome to where you can learn all you need to know about keeping, breeding and raising healthy Tropical and other Freshwater Fish! This is your headquarters for knowledge on tropical fish and their successful life in an aquarium or controlled pond.
  • Aquarium Fish Profiles - A library of freshwater aquarium fish profiles that include; photos, habitat, general care, feeding, and breeding.
  • How Does an Aquarium Cycle? - Call it the nitrogen cycle, break-in cycle, start-up cycle, or new aquarium cycle, it’s all the same thing. Knowing how it works will help you keep a healthy environment for your fish.
  • Cloudy Aquarium Water Causes and Cures - Virtually everyone experiences it at one time or another. What causes cloudy water, and how do you clear it up? These answers will clear things up for you.
  • Fish Health Care Tips and Diagnostic Resources - If your fish appear to be sick, this listing resource will help you diagnose and treat them. You'll also find links to tips to prevent future illness.
  • Feeding Your Aquarium Fish - Nutrition is important for fish health. This comprehensive fish feeding resource of articles and product reviews about foods will help you keep your fish in top health.
  • Aquarium Startup - Want to set up a new aquarium? Here's all the basic information you need to successfully startup a freshwater aquarium, from selecting equipment to choosing fish.
  • Equipment & Supplies - Articles, charts, and reviews of aquarium equipment, as well as where to find supplies online. Includes aquarium tanks, stands, hoods, lights, heaters, filters, pumps, feeding equipment, CO2 systems, testing supplies, RO and UV systems, and water treatment products.
  • Fish Species - Profiles of Aquarium Fish - Information about freshwater fish species, including; Angelfish, Barbs, Bettas, Catfish, Cichlids, Crabs, Danois, Discus, Frogs, Goldfish, Gouramis, Guppies, Hatchefish, Koi, Loaches, Mollies, Piranhas, Platies, Rainbowfish, Shrimp, Silver Dollars, Swordfish, and Tetras.
  • Aquarium Water Conditions - Water conditions are critical for fish health. Learn how to maintain the proper water conditions in your aquarium.
  • Problem Solving - Every aquarium owner runs into problems sooner or later. These tips will help you solve aquarium and fish problems, and avoid them in the first place.
  • Do it Yourself - No need to buy it when you can make your own. Here are instructions for doing a wide variety of your own DIY aquarium projects.
  • Reference Desk - Ever wonder how much a filled aquarium weighs, what size heater you need, or how many gallons per minute your filter should pump? Need to know the scientific name of your fish, or how long it will live? Looking for the meaning of a word? You'll find the answer in these lists, tables, tips, and glossary.
  • Aquarium & Fish FAQs - Answers to frequently asked questions about fish, aquariums, water conditions, plants, maintenance and repairs.
  • Public Aquariums & Clubs - Public aquariums and clubs are an excellent resource for beginners as well as experts.
  • Photos & Contests - Photos of freshwater aquariums, fish, ponds, and where to find photo contests.
  • Feeding Aquarium Fish Essentials - Feeding Tropical Fish is essential for good health, but over feeding, or feeding the wrong food type is the leading cause of death in Aquariums.Our motto: "A hungry fish is a health fish" find out why.
  • Aquarium Sizes and Weights Chart - Standard aquarium sizes and filled weights are charted here. Read more about the small, medium and large aquariums you can choose from.
  • How to Diagnose and Treat Dropsy in Aquarium Fish - Dropsy is not actually a disease, but a symptom of a number of diseases. How to diagnose and treat various disorders that cause dropsy in aquarium fish.
  • How to Control Aquarium Algae - Sooner or later everyone battles algae in their aquarium. This algae guide explains the types seen in aquariums, their causes and their cures.
  • How Much and How Often Should You Feed Aquarium Fish? - One of the most common mistakes made by fish owners is overfeeding fish. Just how much and how often should you feed your fish?
  • Causes and Cures for Brown Aquarium Algae - Aquarium algae is one of the most frustrating problems to deal with. Here is how to identify and cope with brown algae.
  • The Characin Family, why Tetras Thrive in Community Aquariums - When selecting fish for a community aquarium, it is almost impossible to ignore the resilient, colorful, and active 1300 species of the Characin family

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