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  • Daenerys Targaryen - Let the Video Play!

    Over the years, I've purchased a large number of peripherals for my computer system. This HDMI cable is just one in a long line! I purchased this recently, after buying a new 55-inch UHD television. A friend of mine (who works in home theater installation) noticed on the back of the television that, unlike my previous television, there wasn't a VGA input (my tower is an older model, which has a VGA output). After doing some research on another computer, he found out that there were converters that would switch VGA to HDMI, allowing older computer models to be used with newer televisions. I purchased both this converter, and this cable, to fix the problem.

  • [email protected] - Information is power!

    An interesting and easy to read book that opened my eyes to the link between the Standard American diet and disease. This book has forever changed my diet and therefore my health.

  • Johnny Mo - Timeless Classic

    This is a timeless classic that any child would love to play. We play it all the time. Brings my daughter closer to me than having her sit there with an iPad in front of her face. Bring back the family fun and get this and other board games. We got LIFE Junior, too.

  • Hammer - Great Bag for the Money

    Better than expected. For this price the bag quality exceeded my expectations. Zippers, handles and dividers are what make a great golf bag. This bag has it all.

  • Josh - An interesting idea that fails to live up to the concept

    This is an interesting take on the legend of Hercules. The idea mainly being "What if Hercules legend was just that- a legend? What if Hercules was a real guy and really he just grew up on the streets later to become a mercenary?" It's an interesting concept.