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  • Fotografi bandung | Geest's - adalah website yang awalnya dibangun secara pribadi. Tetapi seiring berjalannya waktu, website ini didedikasikan untuk seluruh fotografer bandung, untuk saling berkenalan, bertukar ilmu, sharing hasil foto, dan ajang mengasah diri untuk tampil lebih maksimal. Untuk Kamu fotografer terutama domisili bandung yang berminat memasang karya disini dapat menghubungi sms ke 0812.2031.2081, atau langsung email ke [email protected] Jangan lupa sertakan kontak lengkap agar pemirsa foto kamu bisa langsung menghubungi jika tertarik lebih lanjut dengan fotonya.

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  • Mockingbird - Exquisite

    I bought this primer to make use of some cheap, non-adherent but wonderfully colorful shadow pallet (one of those 100-color BHG pallets). A very light coating of this primer does the trick every time - taking any mediocre, dirt cheap powder and increasing its adherence and vibrancy to produce dynamic, satisfying results.

  • BirdLady - Informative book

    Interesting scientific information and reports of previous medical trials testing various arthritis treatments. Gives you some hope that you can improve your arthritis situation.

  • The Inquisitor - Spray and Forget SF1G-J Spray & Forget Concentrate

    I love it. At first you will think it is not working but with each rain in begins it's work. Takes a few good rains but works really well.

  • Mr. Practical - Easy to install

    The mud guards arrived on time and in good condition and without instructions. It's not hard to figure out how to install them but I did end up with screws and clips that I didn't need. Some reviews indicated that you had to drill holes but with the self tapping screws I found that this wasn't necessary. The flaps come with adhesive strips that attach to the bottom of the wheel well/rocker panel but are not strong enough to hold the flaps on by themselves. They do however hold it in place while you screw he flaps on. You'll have to remove a bolt in each of the front wheel wells and then bolt through the flaps. If you want to put another screw into it you'll have to remove the front wheel. I just didn't take the time to do that yet. The rear flaps screw on quite easily with the self tapping screws, two in each flap.

  • Rachel Goble - I've heard great things about castor oil and am now using it ...

    This is the newest item in my collection of oils and carrier oils. I've heard great things about castor oil and am now using it on my hair and scalp religiously. Searching the web garnars all types of recipes and information about castor oil. My favorite uses are for my eyelashes and hair. I have dandruff like crazy, and I use a "mask" of castor oil, honey and aloe vera gel plus juice from half a lemon. I leave it on for 30 minutes before showering/using my normal shampoo and conditioner routine. It's cut down on my dandruff and all the itchiness of my scalp.

  • Zephyrus - Good album, strange service

    UPDATE: The official release date is indeed 10/21/2016 in the US. Stopped at a couple brick and mortar book and music stores in town and was able to find at least one copy in each of them. Too bad Amazon messed up and lost out on my (and others') money.