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  • Russell Weaver - Great bike and great price!

    Like many others on here I used to ride and was looking for a good entry level bike. I am super careful about how I spend my families money and always look at things as an investment. I looked at the Trek 1 Series and considered it. However, all my research and the price of this bike kept bringing me back. It was the only bike I felt comfortable buying. So, I pulled the trigger and ordered it. It arrived in a box like others have mentioned. I thought I would give assembly a go and it was much easier than I anticipated. It only took me about 30 minutes with access to limited tools. I took it for a spin and it seemed to be pretty good. I decided to use it to commute to work the next day. After forgetting how to unclip from my pedals and eating some road...yeah yeah...I went to use the front break when it made a weird sound.

  • Gloria R. Norman - A Terrific Resource

    I love this book! As an HR professional, I need focused, relevant information and solutions to a variety of HR-related issues. The Essential HR Handbook is a practical resource that's organized with a glossary and index which makes finding, reading, and understanding HR issues easy. Thank You!

  • Clayton Daniels - Five Stars

    Awesome study guide! The typos have been fixed and I found the practice questions to be very helpful.

  • Amazon Customer - Completely useless led comb

    completely useless unless you want to suntan the hairs on your head , maybe its a good workout by holding your arms above your head for ages

  • Tina C - Out of sight, out of mind, but effective

    We rely on Webroot to be monitoring for viruses, malware, etc. without our having to think about it. We are careful about not putting our systems at risk, by choosing the websites we visit carefully, deleting suspect emails, and avoiding any online interaction that could make our systems vulnerable, but the bad guys are working just as hard at staying a step ahead. We look to Webroot to keep up with them. AND we love the licensing that allows us to protect both our home PCs.

  • Mike Tucker - Just ok

    I've used Kaspersky Internet Security for years, without problems. This version however, even though it seems to work ok, it does seem to slow things down. The best I can say is that it is "ok." It has some aggravating glitches, that previous versions don't have. Hopefully if they get enough feedback, they can eliminate them.

  • Elizabeth - We are loyal to Clek!

    We bought this seat because we also own a Foonf for our other car. I loved that this is better for installation with a seatbelt. We have this in the back, middle seat of my husband's 2013 Ford F-150 Lariat. It fits wonderfully and is not too difficult to install. It takes up less space front to back than our Foonf and our daughter loves that she can see up and around her in this seat. It is heavy, though not as bad as the Foonf. I wouldn't recommend this for travel or if you have to move it from car to car often.