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  • Christy Z - great book

    Was a great father-in-law gift. Will keep him busy reading instead of telling the same story over and over again

  • Kyle - Broken, broken, broken

    Very disappointed in this product. It is great in every aspect. As in it got to me on time but when i opened the amazon box i noticed that the actual product box was squashed as though someone sat on it. Once i opened it and removed the lights from their packaging i noticed that 3 out of the 6 lights were DESTROYED there wasnt enough glue in the world to fix them. But as far as the working ones they were fine and pretty bright. Also they hold a charge very well, they last all night.

  • Gwen - Rip off

    I purchased this software for 92.91. After a series of attempts to download, I was taken to an expired page about 3 times. I will be calling my credit card company to put a stop on the payment. If this is no longer available for download, why doesn't Amazon remove this? I got nothing but frustration for nearly $100.

  • Mariusz P. Ostasz - I like it. Not flawless. But worth the money

    In general it is good product. Worth the money. After reading I was prepared for installation but I was going to use stock bolts

  • Dr. Larry - Works Well

    It does everything I hoped it would do. I have an earlier version of Nero and this version works very nicely.

  • Amber - Good system for mild acne

    I am 30 and have had mild to moderate acne all of my life. Most of my breakouts are in the chin area. I have been using this system for 2 weeks and it seems to be clearing up my skin, but if you're looking for a product that works quickly, this is not it. That being said, it is clearing up the acne, and my skin is looking better day by day. I used the system night and day (and although you're not really supposed to, I spot treated the nasty pimples a few times a day with the Step 3 lotion.) My skin is pretty sensitive and I could feel the effects of drying a bit, mostly under my eyes, so I would consider at least moisturizing there after each use. When I could feel my skin getting too dry I cut down the use to night only, with spot treatments of Step 3. I did notice a reduction in pores on my nose as well. Be careful when touching clothing and towels, the peroxide can have a bleaching effect on fabrics. Overall a good system to use daily, for mild to moderate acne. I have actually tried Proactive and loved it, but for the price, I would use this again if it keeps my skin mostly clear. I would suggest this item for anyone to try at this price. I need to give it more time to see if it has any preventative qualities as well.

  • DEEJAY - Great Product Good Price!

    Took this product along with Best Nattokinase and where I was formerly feeling a pressure on either side of my neck whenever I sat forward I no longer have this problem. I could feel the pressure melting away after only taking the product for 1 week. I will continue to take these products every few months to ensure to keep my arteries clear. I also recommended them to an aunt who had a stroke with 75% blockage in her carotid. She is now doing extremely well and is making a comeback. I will continue to recommend these products to anyone who will listen.