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  • Ethan - It would be cool to dance without them

    My daughter preferred the songs from 2014 (PS3). The PS4 doesn't seem to work too well without the MOVE controllers, so she always uses those. It would be cool to dance without them, but she hasn't had much luck that way.

  • Gwen P. - Amazing results!

    My tweleve year old daughter had a moderate case of acne on her forehead. After trying multiple products with minimal or no results, we decided to give Proactive a try before taking the next step of consulting a dematologist. We weren't sure what to expect since it appears that there are mixed results. However, we were both really suprised and impressed with how well and how quickly it worked! We saw an improvement within 24 hours and ten days later, it was completely cleared up! Her skin tone looks great too. I have to say that we're a "believer". It may not work for everyone, but for those in which it does, it works quick and it works very well. We were also concerned that it might be too strong for her sensitive skin, but so far, there have been no problems - no drying or redness, etc.

  • Pmedguy - New in package with the extras that's come with it ...

    New in package with the extras that's come with it. Guidelines are up to date and helped me pass my recert