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  • http://fayettevillefamilymedical.com/our-providers/fleming/ Brian Fleming, M.D. | Physician, Fayetteville, NC | FFMC - Li Europan lingues es membres del sam familie. Lor separat existentie es un myth. Por scientie, musica, sport etc, litot Europa usa li sam vocabular. Li lingues
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  • Grilla - Great little device that's much cheaper than the competition.

    I almost dropped $100 on a competing product with more reviews, but I am very happy I took a leap of faith on this one. The device is small, but quality built. It comes with English instructions and packaging, along with a USB cable and a optical cable. The main draw for me was the aptX low latency support (although curiously it's not listed in the official aptX website) because I use bluetooth headphones for gaming. There is no noticeable audio/video sync issues even with my non-aptX Sentey H9 headphones, so honestly I don't even think I need to upgrade just yet.

  • Edward Henline - as far as I'm concerned these work great and are great deal

    I purchased a new refrigerator and still kept the old one so like a good deal. Well the obvious thing is that you're hoping for a better deal something that's cheaper than the original ones that are pretty expensive. And so far these work perfectly fine and fit my refrigerator filter orifice exactly like the original. Now for the taste the water taste the same as the other filter so I really can't tell a difference. So as far as I'm concerned these work great and are great deal I wouldn't pass them up again. Next time I need more this is the better deal. I would like to acknowledge that I received this product to test for free or at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review. This does not influence my opinion about the product or its quality. I really do try to give you a fair and honest review from a person who is just your average guy. I will answer any questions that I have learned about the product.

  • Debra Hidalgo - Makes our van look sharpr!

    We are totally pleased with product and service.....item arrived quickly and the reception seems better than the antenna that came with our new Sienna...it looks so much sharper than the one that came with our van...very pleased

  • DesertDweller - Good Value Wrenches

    These wrenches are a great value for the money. They seem to be well made and should last a long time.

  • Donna - Good Products, Some Drawbacks

    I have been using Viviscal for about a month. I agree with other reviewers that you need to take this after a meal as the indigestion can be pretty bad if you don't. So, I take it after breakfast and then right after dinner. So far, I haven't really noticed much of a change in my hair. I also use Rogaine and have for over 10 years and that keeps the shedding at a minimum for me. I'm hoping Viviscal will also help with shedding and maybe make new growth healthier. It does constipate so beware of that. Make sure you're drinking a lot of water and eating fruits and veggies. And, as someone else said, it makes your nails grow like crazy and come in healthier. I haven't noticed a change in my eye lashes or brows....I'll have to take a closer look at that! I am 59 years old and my hair loss began in my mid 40's. Rogaine was my salvation. So, if you're struggling with gobs of hair in your comb, sink and everywhere else, give Rogaine a try. I'm glad I started with just the Rogaine so I could judge how well that did before trying the Viviscal. Now, we'll see if Viviscal can improve on what the Rogaine does. I hope I'll have great results like some of the other reviewers have had. Thanks to everyone for sharing. Hair loss for women is deeply personal and invades all aspects of your life. I'm glad to have some options to try and hope Viviscal will prove to be beneficial.

  • Chris - Great Flick

    Great flick. Very entertaining, great production, great effects, and very well acted. Classic performance by Woody Harrelson. Some of the dialogue is a little weak and sappy. Typical Roland Emmerich film. Quite a spectacle. If you can forgive the minor weaknesses, it's worth watching more than once.

  • Amazon Customer - too expensive and don't like the bottle

    I was so excited to order this stuff and so disappointed when I received it. The bottle is super hard and I have a hard time getting the lotion to come out. The plastic is just too hard to squeeze. I have to take the cap off and tap it on my palm to get any lotion out. It didn't seem like the bottle was full either. I have used twice and not much left in the bottle and I had streaky results even after applying very carefully and massaging into my skin. Color seemed a weird brown color too, and not at all natural. I am very disappointed and will not be reordering. Will try the Banana Boat brand as some others here have recommended.