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  • Gilbert De Jesus - It works very well.

    Have been trying this out for the last week, and I'm glad that I purchased it!! The reviews of others were right on spot. The 6 USB output tops out at 12A max. You can rely on charging 6 items, phones/tablets, all at the same time and quickly. You can not connect it to a PC to use as extra ports.

  • twill166 - Stinks and Burns

    I was excited to try this product due to the great reviews. When I received it I wanted to see how it would feel on my skin before I put it on anything delicate. It has a strong menthol smell which is very unpleasant. I read the ingredient list and there is no menthol in the product. I can't use any products containing menthol because it burns my skin. I put it on the back of my hand and it burned my skin the way products with menthol burn. It was very disappointing. I showed the product to my friend. She smelled it and not only was she very put off by the smell, it gave her a horrible taste in her mouth! Also, emu oil is not one of the top ingredients which you would assume since they're using emu in the name.

  • P. Blevins - Incredible

    Guilty As Sin: Uncovering New Evidence of Corruption and How Hillary Clinton and the Democrats Derailed the FBI Investigation is by Edward Klein. If you are in favor of anyone else becoming President in November or are just against Hillary Clinton, this is a book for you to read. It gives a very biased view of what has been going on in the political life of Hillary Clinton in the years she has been in office first as a First Lady: second as Senator; and third as the Democratic nominee for President of the United States. If arrogance and distain of our political system and fellow Americans are qualifications for the Presidency; Hillary Clinton is definitely qualified. Edward Klein does document all of the lies and cover ups Hillary has participated in. I can’t say this was a good book; but it was interesting and well worth reading.

  • Steven Turner - Product quality of materials is great. Why do they have to put the bright ...

    Wow, I'm giving Weathertech one star. But they barely earned that. Product quality of materials is great. Why do they have to put the bright colorful Weathertech logo for everyone to see. Attention should not be towards a car mat! Don't appreciate them using my car as advertisement. Now onto the real problem, product design and engineering. Hands down, terrible. I can tell it's partly the car design but they could of done much better. They are simply too small and don't protect the carpet. As a reference the stock mats are bigger, they stick up past the top and down below and past the bottom. How can stock mats be bigger than $200 Weathertech's? If I'm driving with a soda between my legs and hit the brakes hard and it spills forward it will not even fall onto the mat, would hit the carpet. For those with wet or dirty shoes you can also expect your carpet to show it. Overall, this is my 4th and last set of Weathertech mats. It's embarrassing. I will say the back seat isn't bad but the front are terrible, both sides. Save your money, not worth it.

  • JMK 10 - Unable to download Android apps??!!

    I bought this phone specifically to use abroad. So far, so good. I will echo the complaints of others regarding the pathetic battery performance. The battery drains within one day --- and I turn off the 3G/data option because I have all-day access to wi-fi! On the other hand, I appreciate the camera and video features, nifty screen and ease of use.

  • welos2 - Took it on a flight the Calgary two days after it arrived and it worked great. (FYI Canada's TSA

    Bomber messenger bag. Took it on a flight the Calgary two days after it arrived and it worked great. (FYI Canada's TSA, CATSA, requires that laptops be removed from bags no matter what so exercising that feature had to wait until a domestic flight.) Rain resistant. Lots of pockets. I especially like the laptop charger / cable pocket on the bottom. Love how the sleeve on the back slips over the handle of my roller bag with a snug and stable fit. My only suggestion would be to include a divider in the main compartment; even a removable divider. It's so large that stuff sloshes around in there. And the metal "hooks" that secure the flap require careful aim to engage the small section of webbing strap.