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  • Kelley Zuniga - Love/Hate

    Loved it At First..then it gave me the worst heart burn ever!!! It's the only one that didn't make my heart rate get super high or jittery & loved that it's time released. But the heart burn was so bad!!! :/

  • M. Buckley - LOVE this pan

    LOVE this pan! Large and cleans right up with hardly no effort. A few days ago I cooked something with honey and I thought I was going to have to throw the pan away since it was literally baked on. Ran it under water (once the pan cooled) and it came right off! It does bend a bit while in the oven but straightens back out once cooled. I did see another reviewer suggest putting some oil on the pan and placing it in the oven when you first turn it on so it heats up along with the oven. I do that every time now.

  • Frontier Girl - Great explanation of how to address heartburn, acid indigestion etc without needing prescription drugs

    I began reading the book a month ago because of my informal research on the connection between poor digestion and the resulting lack of vitamins and nutrients as a possible cause of depression, which my husband takes prescription medication for. There are also other diseases that may be related to deficient stomach acid such as childhood asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, and acne rosacea to name a few from a list of 23 which are highlighted to various degrees in this book.

  • Scott W. - Quality SSDs

    Working in IT, I have been fortunate enough to utilize a variety of SSD brands. Samsung SSDs are really top quality.

  • Jamie Holter - Bought this for my swimmer partner for Christmas and he ...

    Bought this for my swimmer partner for Christmas and he loves it! He works hard every day to get his stroke ratio up and I've noticed a change already in his physique! I saw it advertised on twitter in september then favorited it so I would remember to buy it for Christmas. I liekd that it was an indegogo product too.