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Excellence in Prehospital Injury Care (EPIC) | Excellence in Prehospital Injury Care - Traumatic Brain Injury - EPIC is an Arizona statewide collaboration between Arizona Fire Departments, ground and air EMS transport agencies, the University of Arizona and the Arizona Department of Health Services.

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  • Arizona - where a cloudy day is a welcomed pleasure! - Got this for my 5 year old great grandson's birthday

    Got this for my 5 year old great grandson's birthday. The sound effects are so very realistic, so even the adults enjoyed the duo. He loved them, and it seemed like it was his favorite gift. Exceptionally well made. He was very rough with both, but they took the punishment. All the sounds made everyone smile which means they're not irritating like some toys can be. I even want one.

  • Dora M Gutierrez - Security

    I have used several different security software, none have been as satisfactory to me as avast. I was having a lot of trouble with programs that have deleted necessary drivers and not protected my computer as I expected. Some have directed me to other software that has done a lot of harm to my computer to where it would not function properly. I was leary of trusting anyone. I started with the avast free version, then as I saw their work decided to buy the subscription last August. Avast has come in and cleaned out my computer and has so far kept my computer clean.

  • jessand - Loyal Quicken User since it's inception...but...

    I've been working software for years in my profession and OMGosh, I started reading these reviews and COMPLETELY AGREE that we are the beta testers!!! I mean not even in the DoD do we do that to our customers (and heck, they don't pay!!), so WHY are we having to deal with these issues??!!

  • James C - i just wanted to see my kin like in the description photos

    i drive an suv and maybe its the distance between the mirror but i find it's kinda hard to see my kid in the reflection. i can see most of the back seat in the mirror. and that's too much. i just wanted to see my kin like in the description photos.

  • C. Rust - favorite program

    I've been using FTM since almost the beginning and have enjoyed all the improvements that come along with each new version. I find it does almost everything I need a tree maker to do, and the phone and on-line help is very available and friendly. I like it because it does have a lot of options and you can include all the details of a person's life. If it feels cumbersome or complicated, just spend some more time working with the program and it will become easier. You'll appreciate the options it offers.

  • The Peanut Gallery - Good low price set.

    Great set of wrenches for the price. I've had a few sets of "cheap wrenches" in the past, but these are surprisingly well made. Used them to remove a rusted bolt the day they arrived successfully with no breaks, bends, or rounding of the bolt. For the price this is a really nice set. I do wish some of the sizes would not have been skipped, but the few sizes that are not included aren't especially common anyway. I could reccomend this set to others with a clear conscience.

  • Mathew - Just what i wanted

    Got it today and it is exactly what i expected. It can hold 2 forms of ID and a credit card. You could probably slip in a business card as well.