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  • Tin Le - I just received it and I think it is great. The notebooks looks nice and clean

    I just received it and I think it is great. The notebooks looks nice and clean. Nice bright HD screen, skullcandy speakers, keyboard with backlight, its quick and very light. The 1080p resolution make things feel a bit too small for me. Honestly I think this is a contender against the macbook air while having compatible ports and a third of the price. I used this for 8 hours of school work and still had 30% of battery left.

  • Ariel - Not as much exercise as I anticipated

    I did read reviews carefully, and noted that several people thought it really wasn't any exercise at all, but I also watched some videos online where people seemed to be working up a sweat on it. Since I am woefully out of shape and somewhat overweight (5'8", 195 pounds, size 14, 53 years old), I thought it'd be exercise for me, if only non-intense. A knee injury plus plantar fasciitis makes any kind of moderate to high impact impossible and painful for me.

  • diceman - My everyday knife

    This is the knife I carry everyday at work, it has the basic tools that you need in a pinch, plus a sharp high carbon blade that holds an edge for a decent amount of time.

  • P.T. - I am so happy to have found this product

    I am so happy to have found this product. I am 55 who always made sure my hair was fixed daily. Loosing hair is so hard to handle. I found this product and my hair looks thick. Nobody realizes that my hair is falling out and is as thin as it is. Don't know what I will do down the road but this makes the journey easier to take. By the way...Bosley hair loss products...sold here on Amazon for better prices than hair salons, works good. I have went from extreme hair loss to very minimal now. I color my hair and there is a color treated formula. Make sure you leave conditioner on for a few minutes and give it 2 to 3 months for real results. Makes a world of difference.