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  • Michele Sobelman - 1 year on Thrive

    I've been taking Thrive for a year now. I'm reading all of these customer reviews on it and laughing. Everyone is different and effected differently. It doesn't make the product bad. My advice to you all is to try it for yourself. At first it may feel strange as if you are way too caffeinated but about a week in its amazing. I remember all of my senses intensifying. I could smell better and colors seemed to pop. I also have been running and exercising every morning before work. It feels like someone is turning a switch on inside of you. You're energized and clear minded. It always reminded me of that movie limitless. If you are taking Thrive to pop a pill and hope it does all of the weight loss work for you then don't buy it. It's best to think of it this way, this system makes you feel amazing so that you want to move more and that's how you will drop the weight.

  • Catsunami - Nice to apply, but not sure of effect.

    Feels nice when I apply it under my eyes, but to be honest I didn't really notice a difference in dark circle, or puffiness reduction. Then again, I have yet to find something that does help. At least it didn't make my eyes itch! My mom, who is allergic to everything, was able to use it no problem as well. It's a nice moisturizer at the very least, even if quite pricey.

  • LlamaLlamaDuck - Callaway Consistently Delivers

    Callaway never fails to deliver a consistently good product. Be it equipment or apparel, they put attention into their design. Full-length club dividers make retrieval a breeze. The oversized rubber feet on the stand add stability (especially on smooth surfaces, like tile & hardwood floors - not all of us store clubs in gritty garages). Plenty of pocket offerings, including an internal/hidden valuables pocket. Base of the bag angled for stand use, which is far better than most of the "kick-stand" versions that employ a movable flap attached to the bottom of the bag (those wear out quicker than you'd think). Added bonus was the ball marker stencil for both a straight line and the Callaway logo.

  • wowinca - Greedy Company

    Having taken a look at their marketing scheme, this company is greedy. First they sell a product at a dramatically increased price (over $300) which some say cost about $50. to make. Okay that's not too bad. That's capitalism. But then they come out with a more efficient product and one reason they give for this increased efficiency is the improved face conductor. Now do you think that they make a new improved face conductor to work with the old model. Of course the answer is no. To get the new face conductor you must spend another $300 for the whole new system. I am not sure whether the new face conductor will work with the old system. When I asked I got conflicting answers from their company. One person thought no and another thought yes. But what is most telling about this company is they refuse to sell the new face conductor separately. So for all of you loyal customers who have been supporting this company and using the old Galvanic Spa II, you have to buy a whole new Spa II to get the benefits of the new face conductor. I call this greed.

  • Theresa - I love OUIJA

    I absolutely love this board and pointer!! The product is exactly what I expected. The only thing I would say is Hasbro needs to please change the Texture of he board. The pointer will not glide smoothly enough it has some rough areas needs a mod for the board somehow! Other then that love it!!

  • Jordan Uffer - great

    very fast shipping, the book is super helpful in getting your work done in microsoft powerpoint, i cannot wait to use my skills on the job.

  • Living for the Lord - Democrat voting Trump!

    It helped me decide to vote Trump after sitting on the fence for too long. I'm voting for an "R" for the first time in my 22 years of voting! God Bless Trump, and God Bless America!!