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  • buyer 1 - Great product to use with the entire meaning beauty line!

    I have been using this product for several weeks now & I absolutely love this line of skin care! For this cleaner, I typically do not have sensitivity issues with my skin but I have discovered that I cannot use too much as it will leave my face red and splotchy- drying it out. I use a small drop each night to give my face a deep refreshing clean. Since you don't have to use too much, the bottle should last quite awhile.

  • Antoine J. Johnson - Will Make People Go Wild

    You have to try this cologne if you already havent. Its an old scent but still drives both women and men wild (depending on your preference). May God bless Versace's soul for approving such a great fragrance before he died.

  • Gadget Guru - worked from Hawaii to Boston

    Have no problems getting good 4G speeds in Hawaii, Boston, NYC, Dallas, vermont and has worked like a charm everytime i switch it on..already saved 1000's of $$ by not having to get 4G connection to all my extra devices and still be able to use them on the road...awesome company, awesome device, awesome service...was able to get my service disconnected without any issues for my extra freedompop device..all in all a great service and just cannot complain about anything...

  • bnett - Seems to work well as a fertilizer, but does have a bad smell.

    This seems to work pretty well and I'll continue to use it. However, as others have mentioned, it does let off a pretty bad smell for a while after applying. Also, I noticed that part of my yard that is sloped looks a bit "patchy" with some darker spots than other areas; however, I'm assuming that was probably partially my problem and partially due to some runoff due to the sloped nature of the area.

  • Gina Wang - What a perfect bedtime story ebook!

    This is a great ebook to either read to your young kids or have your elementary kids read to you. The top three things I love about this ebook are that: (1) each story is accompanied with many colorful cartoon illustrations; (2) the stories are all unique and refreshing, which will spark children's curiosity; and (3) the stories are not too short and not too lengthy stories, which is long enough for a great story but short enough to keep a child's attention. These stories will definitely excite you child to want to read more!

  • Charlene Phillips - FOR SOMEONE ELSE


  • Rob Lynch - Provides Good Nutrition and Energy

    I like buying this on amazon because it allows me to avoid the whole annoying pyramid selling pitch. As for the product its self I am pleased with it. The cost might seem a bit high but when you consider the number of meals that it replaces it's not so bad. I find that if I make sure to drink a shake before the gym I have a lot more energy and staying power. On the other days a shake in the morning keeps me full well into the afternoon.