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Grants Pass Dental Arts | Dentist-Dr. Steven Rogers - At Grants Pass Dental Arts, Dr. Rogers uses Biomimetic Dentistry to create beautiful, healthy smiles. To schedule your appointment today, call 541-474-5001

  • http://drrogers.com/modern-dentistry.html Grants Pass-Dentist | Dr. Rogers | Modern Dentistry - Dr. Steven Rogers practices Biomimetic Dentistry in Grants Pass OR, the modern approach to dental restorations. Call 541-474-5001 to schedule your appointment.
  • http://drrogers.com/modern-dentistry/biomimetic-philosophy.html Grants Pass-Dentist | Dr. Rogers | Biomimetic Dentistry - Biomimetic Dentistry seeks to prevent infection while preserving and strengthening the natural structure of your teeth.
  • http://drrogers.com/modern-dentistry/air-abrasion-no-drill.html Grants Pass-Dentist | Dr. Steven Rogers | Air Abrasion - Biomimetic Dentistry with air abrasion is very easy on the patient and perfect for children. To schedule your dental appointment call 541-474-5001.
  • http://drrogers.com/modern-dentistry/preventive-dentistry.html Grants Pass-Dentist | Dr. Rogers | Preventive Dentistry - Our Goal is to help patients maintain healthy teeth and gums. To schedule your appointment today, call 541-474-5001.
  • http://drrogers.com/modern-dentistry/family-dental-services.html Grants Pass-Dentist | Dr. Rogers | Family Dentistry - Dr. Rogers offers dental services for the whole family. To schedule your appointment today, call 541-474-5001.
  • http://drrogers.com/modern-dentistry/nitrous-oxide.html Grants Pass-Dentist | Dr. Rogers | Sedation Dentistry - We use Nitrous Oxide, commonly known as “laughing gas” for sedation dentistry. To schedule your appointment today, call 541-474-5001.
  • http://drrogers.com/modern-dentistry/periodontal-treatment-with-laser-therapy.html Grants Pass-Dentist | Dr. Rogers | Laser Gum Treatment - Because of the laser’s precision capability, diseased tissues can be removed while leaving the healthy tissue untouched. For an appointment, call 541-474-5001
  • http://drrogers.com/modern-dentistry/sleep-apnea-mouth-guards.html Grants Pass-Dentist | Dr Rogers | Sleep Apnea Treatment - Do you have sleep apnea? Dr. Steven Rogers may be able to help. Call 541-474-5001 to schedule your consultation today.
  • http://drrogers.com/modern-dentistry/tmj-therapy.html Grants Pass-Dentist | Dr. Steven Rogers | TMJ Therapy - A common cause of TMJ pain is malocclusion, or misalignment bite. If you have questions about how TMJ Therapy can help you, please contact us at 541-474-5001.
  • http://drrogers.com/preventive-dentistry.html Grants Pass | Dr. Steven Rogers | Preventive Dentistry - With biomimetic practices and good homecare, it's possible for a child to grow up never knowing the dental drill. Call us at 541-474-5001.
  • http://drrogers.com/preventive-dentistry/hygiene-services.html Grants Pass-Dentist | Dr. Rogers | Hygiene Services - Regular dental cleanings are so crucial to your overall health. To schedule your appointment today, call 541-474-5001. We are located in Grants Pass OR.
  • http://drrogers.com/preventive-dentistry/periodontal-maintenance.html Grants Pass-Dentist | Dr. Rogers | Periodontal Care - Dr. Rogers’ practice offers periodontic treatments as part of our general hygiene program. To schedule your appointment today, call 541-474-5001.
  • http://drrogers.com/preventive-dentistry/comprehensive-exams.html Grants Pass | Dr. Rogers | Comprehensive Oral Exams - Dental exams provide screening for gum disease, tooth structure problems, bite problems, oral cancer and more. To schedule your appointment, call 541-474-5001.
  • http://drrogers.com/preventive-dentistry/x-rays-panoramic-x-rays.html Grants Pass | Dr. Rogers | X-rays/Panoramic X-rays - Radiographs allow for visibility of damages to the teeth & gums that could not otherwise be seen. For an appointment with Dr. Steven Rogers, call 541-474-5001.
  • http://drrogers.com/preventive-dentistry/sealants.html Grants Pass-Dentist | Dr. Rogers | Dental Sealants - Dental sealants are a cavity prevention method to cover deep groves in the teeth. To schedule your appointment today, call 541-474-5001.
  • http://drrogers.com/preventive-dentistry/fluoride.html Grants Pass - Dentist | Dr. Steven Rogers | Fluoride - Fluoride is a mineral that occurs naturally in food and water. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Steven Rogers, please call 541-474-5001.
  • http://drrogers.com/preventive-dentistry/oral-cancer-screen.html Grants Pass-Dentist | Dr. Rogers | Oral Cancer Screen - If you would like to schedule your next Oral Cancer Screening now, please call Dr. Steven Rogers at 541-474-5001.
  • http://drrogers.com/preventive-dentistry/diagnodent.html Grants Pass-Dentist | Dr. Rogers | Diagnodent Treatment - If you have questions about how Diagnodent Laser Treatment can be beneficial to you or your family, please call Dr. Steven Rogers' office at 541-474-5001.
  • http://drrogers.com/cosmetic-dentistry.html Grants Pass-Dentist | Dr. Rogers | Cosmetic Dentistry - If you have questions about how Porcelain Veneers can enhance your smile, please call Dr. Steven Rogers' office at 541-474-5001.
  • http://drrogers.com/cosmetic-dentistry/porcelain-veneers.html Grants Pass-Dentist | Dr Rogers | Porcelain Veneers - Porcelain veneers are a cosmetic dentistry solution that can enhance your smile. Have questions about how Porcelain Veneers? Call us at 541-474-5001.
  • http://drrogers.com/cosmetic-dentistry/white-fillings.html Grants Pass-Dentist | Dr. Rogers | White Fillings - Using Biomimetic Dentistry techniques, our white fillings and crowns do not require nearly as much removal of existing tooth structure as traditional fillings.
  • http://drrogers.com/cosmetic-dentistry/replace-silver-fillings.html Grants Pass| Dr Steven Rogers | Replace Silver Fillings - For more information about replacing silver fillings, please call Dr. Steven Rogers' office at 541-474-5001.
  • http://drrogers.com/cosmetic-dentistry/implant-crowns.html Grants Pass-Dentist | Dr Rogers | Implant Crowns - Dental implants help maintain bone mass and stimulate the gums to prevent further tooth loss. For more information about dental implants, call 541-474-5001.
  • http://drrogers.com/cosmetic-dentistry/smile-makeover.html Grants Pass-Dentist | Dr Rogers | Smile Makeover - Your smile is often the first thing people notice and when it looks great you radiate confidence. For more information about a Smile Makeover, call 541-474-5001
  • http://drrogers.com/cosmetic-dentistry/reconstructive-dentistry.html Grants Pass | Dr. Rogers | Reconstructive Dentistry - Reconstructive work helps to maintain a healthy relationship between the patient’s teeth, gums, jaw and muscles. For your appointment, call 541-474-5001.
  • http://drrogers.com/cosmetic-dentistry/teeth-whitening.html Grants Pass-Dentist | Dr Rogers | Teeth Whitening - In about an hour, laser whitening can brighten your smile dramatically. To schedule your appointment today, please call 541-474-5001.
  • http://drrogers.com/cosmetic-dentistry/cosmetic-bonding.html Grants Pass-Dentist | Dr Rogers | Dental Bonding - If you have questions about how Cosmetic Bonding can be beneficial to you or your family, please call 541-474-5001.
  • http://drrogers.com/cosmetic-dentistry/crowns-bridges.html Grants Pass-Dentist | Dr. Rogers | Crowns/Bridges - We also use aesthetic crowns to improve appearance and function. Have questions about Crowns or Bridges, please call 541-474-5001.
  • http://drrogers.com/about-our-practice.html Grants Pass-Dentist | Dr Steven Rogers | About Us - The finest in customer service & quality, our goal is to create the most comfortable & personal atmosphere possible. For your appointment, call 541-474-5001.
  • http://drrogers.com/about-our-practice/practice-philosophy.html Grants Pass-Dentist | Dr. Rogers | Practice Philosophy - At Grants Pass Dental Arts, we believe in providing ideal, comfortable care, of exceptional value to each of our patients. For an appointment, call 541-474-5001

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    Amazing progesterone cream!! I decided to open and use this one before my other jar was out (Source Naturals) and LOVE this! I think there is a difference in concentration plus this sinks in right away and the other sits on the top of my skin like slime. I will never go back to the other and have ordered a backup jar of this!! Super happy I decided to pay a little extra and try this!

  • Margaux - I bought this in 2013 to put on various acne ...

    I bought this in 2013 to put on various acne and small cuts that I get from my pets, as well as I put it on my armpits before I use deoderant and it really helps to control sweating/smelling. Clears up my pimples. The bottle is still about halfway full, 3 years later.

  • Iris - Half of what it used to be!

    I was alarmed to discover that the calendar was only printed on one side. I thought i had been gypped by a knock-off imitation. Over the past several years I have really enjoyed the extra feature on the back of each cartoon. I checked the reviews and saw that other people were commenting about this, so I realised then that they have just done away with it this year -- cutbacks, I suppose. I love the cartoons (well, not all of them), but I really miss the "bonus" -- please bring it back!! I would seriously consider trying another calendar next year if this extra material is not restored, as for me the value of it has plummeted.

  • R MClure - completely satisfied

    Being a senior citizen exercise is essential. I like the small foot print, I can leave the chair set up all the time. Also like that I can fold the chair and roll it away if needed. Really appreciate that the chair was fully assembled when it arrived so all I had to do was open up the box and set the chair in place, it was easy to add the back support. The thing that was important to me was the upper body back support. I find I use the chair every day. I decided to order the over head attachment that connects to the back of the chair, the description of the attachment said it was good for frozen shoulders, haven't received it yet, I hope the attachment is easy to attach to the chair.