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  • http://drmuna.com/occlusal-trauma/ Occlusal trauma | Dr Muna - In occlusal trauma, the etiologic factor is any force in excess of the adaptive capacity of the periodontium, the morbid pathobiologic event is injury within
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  • Bert - So So

    too small of a blade - the last one I had was larger and easier to use. This one works but you have to go over the area several times to get all the hair. Otherwise fine. If I had my choice, I'd have one with a thicker blade.

  • Myron Rigsby - Rip off

    Supposed to be a game for a PC, but playing requires knowing numerous key strokes that are not explained or laid out. Tried first tutorial. Had to keep trying random key strokes trying to make program advance; no logic to how keystrokes worked. Gave up in utter frustration. Cannot return; cannot play. Rip off.