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Kevin Lance Jones, OMD, L.Ac - Home - Torrance, CA - Kevin Lance Jones, OMD, L.Ac. All Pain, Anti-Aging, Diabetes, Female Issues the Balanced Way, We treat people with care and validation, We do pain control in all parts of the body, We help with Menstrual and Menopause issues, Female and Male Fertility, We treat Low Back Pain and Tennis Elbow, We accept most insurance plans,

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  • Wendy S. - Runs HOT

    It does the job, but you really should be at home when you use this. Frozen chicken breasts are leather if you leave them in more than three hours on LOW. It's crazy. I put a 2.5 pound roast with loads of veggies in this morning for dinner on LOW, and it was done in five hours. I can't imagine ever needing to go to high, let alone leaving it on all day while you're at work. Because, even when it kicks off to "warm," it'll still boil for another hour. Also, the exterior is hot. Be careful, especially around kids. My previous Crock Pot I could leave on the counter. I don't trust this one anywhere but on the heat-proof stove top.

  • Randy - In-Car video camera

    For the money this is an outstanding piece of equipment and thoroughly recommended. I purchased separately an extension to the car cigarette socket to give me more choice as to the routing of the cable camera .

  • nash - Worth it!

    Awesome book that summaries a lot of information into concise easy to read pages! I personally like princeton review and this book is a good way to go if you are reviewing for your MCAT

  • Erik - i like it But one major issue.

    I would give it 5 stars if only I can re download the songs I purchased with my PS3 on the 2014 version. I can't understand why I can't do that, rocksmith wants me to spend on another $100 on songs I had already bought. When I go on the game in the shop section the songs appear as rocksmith 2014, but you have to re buy them. I have the same account on my ps4. This is really low on rocksmith so I will not repurchase the same songs I bought in the 2014 version. Other than this I like the game but this is not cool on rock smiths part. If I can I will rent the 2014 version on the ps4 now and play all the songs I purchased that rocksmith wants me to buy again.

  • Laura - Not a typical dance club album you may expect from Lady Gaga

    This album is a new sound for Lady Gaga ... and she does no disappoint!!! I have been listening to the songs over and over again since I purchased it on release day. At first listen you may think (really this is Lady Gaga??) and the answer is YES YES YES !! Some of my favorite songs include Joanne, Perfect Illusion, A Million Reason, and Hey Girl ( a surprise duet with Florence Welch) need I say more!