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  • Jack Burr - No outside tee holder

    no outer tee holder, needs more pockets, weight is good, color is nice, would not recommend purchase until you go to store and see in person

  • HeyJoe - Okay

    I've used Norton for years so I've seen the changes over time. This version of 360 I think is a disappointment compared to Ver 6.

  • Lee M. Williams - How I got past Blue Light of Death

    It is a great console. After a couple of days of heavy use...I ended up with Blue Screen, Click of Death Defect. System wouldn't boot. Customer Support...don't call, use the online live chat...the que is much smaller, and I have someone within 5-10 mins.

  • Ljudah - Great close shave....

    Great product to get the best, closest shave possible. Easy to use with plenty of power. This is the second one that I have purchased and love it.

  • Laurie53 - Calming and relaxing

    Frankincense is by far, one of my favorite essential oils and this one from New York Biology is one of the best brands that I've found. I especially love adding this to a nice warm bath. The aroma is very relaxing and really helps to alleviate stress and anxiousness. I place a few drops in my diffuser and the scent fills the entire house with a lovely scent that's very calming. New York Biology oils are packaged in dark Amber bottles and they do include a glass dropper for convenient measuring. I'm a big fan of this oil!!! I received mine at a discount for an unbiased evaluation and review.

  • S. Larsen - I like it and am ordering more

    I have been taking Threelac for 2 months. I know it has helped my Candida. It takes a long time to rid your body of Candida so it is important to stick with it once you decide what to use. I have yet to actually be yeast free so I can't claim to be cured but I have noticed die-off symptoms and my yeast problems are much better.

  • Becky Rose - Nice dark fabric

    These jeans really hold it all in. They're like sliding on a snake skin. The waist is super high, so mamas get some help in this area. They're fitted all the way down to ankle. I'm 5"8" and these are a few inches too long for me. I love the super dark fabric, very slimming. Comparative to other high quality brand skinny jeans.