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City: 6.1833 North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

  • Jena Dunn - I finally said ok because if it worked even a little then AWESOME. She sent me a 2 day supply sample ...

    I am 39 and I live with chronic pain. a family member sells thrive and has been trying to get me to try it for over a year. I finally said ok because if it worked even a little then AWESOME. She sent me a 2 day supply sample pack. I had stomach cramps and everything went right through me. I couldn't eat unless I was near a toilet. She told me that was normal and that my body was just in detox and give it a few days. Then she asked, but don't you feel great? I had only taken it that morning. How could I already feel great from a vitamin filled product already? Caffeine, caffeine, caffeine...thats how. And she was right, I had more energy and at 3 p.m. I crashed. My caffeine (I don't drink coffee so I felt the caffeine more than others) had worn off and it felt like I hit a wall. She told me that was normal but I would adjust (meaning my system would get use to it and I wouldn't feel like that any longer.

  • Sean - Super cool bag

    Super cool bag. It's small, but it's meant to be. I bought this so I could use it as my "personal item" on Spirit Airlines. It works for a 2 day trip to somewhere warm if you pack right. I use it for a gym bag when not traveling. Nicely made, zippers seem quality.

  • Christy Lynn Oertel - Absolutely love my BCAA's

    Absolutely love my BCAA's! I especially love the flavor! I take during & after my workouts to replenish and I can definitely tell a difference in that I have less muscle soreness post workouts. Would definitely recommend for women and men!

  • katherine - Made my own adjustments, and they work for me......

    I've ordered these before, but not from amazon. I personally like them. BUT I do not use them to lose weight. I'm fairly healthy (but I like food and sweets) and work out regularly. I don't use them every meal. Also I got cramps when I would take 2 (as directed) so I went down to 1. No more cramps. Make sure to drink lots of water. Pill does nothing if it doesn't break down. I only use these when I eat a big meal. So summer BBQ's, date night, girls night out. Sometimes just dinner with the family when I felt the need for 2 helpings, or when I would eat that extra large piece of pie. All they do is make you poop. Yes poop. So for the already "regular pooper," you may find yourself going more often. You take the pill an hr before a "big meal," then couple hrs after you eat, it passes back through. Preventing your body from storing the fat. Yes you may lose some weight, but I didn't. It does however keep me from gaining weight when I want to splurg on my eating.