Funded by MRC’s MassMATCH program, REquipment provides free, recycled medical equipment in Massachusetts - MassMATCH is the Commonwealth's initiative to Maximize Assistive Technology (AT) in Consumer's Hands. Through partnerships with community-based organizations, MassMATCH is currently creating new AT programs and working to coordinate AT services throughout the Commonwealth. MassMATCH is one of 56 state-level AT initiatives in the United States. Our mission is to promote the use of assistive technology and assistive technology services to enhance the independence of people with disabilities, enabling equal participation in all of life's activities.

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  • Rita - It is still good.

    Brand new book, came a little late than I expected. Considering It was the holiday season, It is still good.

  • Keith - Gets no better

    For an Anti-Virus you don't have to pay for, this really is top of the line. In a survey of the best Anti-Viruses on the market today (both paid and free) Avast! Anti-Virus ranked 2nd best in the world only behind Kaspersky Anti-Virus by a couple of false positives (A false positive is when your AV picks up a file and flags it as a virus when it actually isn't - all AV does that at some point, don't let that dissuade you). The best part about it, is that you only pay when you want to pay. Of course using free gives you less features, but when I had a virus on my PC many years ago and got Avast! to try to help, it not only did the job, it was easy to use too and it has never failed me since. With it's user-friendly interface, voice pop-ups that let you know of your AV activity and the ability to pay for it whenever you want, there's really no downside to at least trying it. Another really good point is that it's MUCH cheaper than most other Anti-Viruses out there on the market and they always have deals on their subscriptions (50% off and such) and for the amount of work it does for the price, it's a win-win.

  • Sam Spin - Expensive floor mop

    Broke just out of warranty (14mos). Used less than five times. Ok on terrazzo, worthless on bath tile/grout. Expensive floor mop for basically just one year. Time consuming, had to go very slow for effective cleaning on terrazzo, back and forth. Get a good floor mop, it will cost $10, not $100!

  • supergram - SUPERB GUIDE to Interstate highways

    For those of us still tied to PAPER/ printed copy, versus internet and google maps, this book is a TREASURE! I LOVE IT. SO helpful to look ahead at what's available - gas stations, stores, motels and such. Have been using the Next Exit since 2008, getting a new one every couple of years to keep up with new construction. It is VERY ACCURATE.

  • LTLisa - Revised

    Help! This item came yesterday. This morning I sat down to follow the installation instructions and the mcafee link that was given is broken (due to a website redesign) and it is NOT intuitive as to how to proceed with the item purchased. It is intuitive and much more expensive to follow the links and order online. I will have to debug this after work. Very sad.

  • Missy - Before the revolution

    It was a cold winter morning when Cory Bernardi stumbled into his kitchen wishing away the hard wood that rubbed against the front of his pajama pants, his wife was upstairs still sleeping soundly as he sat at their dining room table at a loss. Corys dreams had escalated over the last few nights and he was unable to relieve the stress his erections were giving him and his wife was nothing but frigid. Last nights dream had been particularly vivid and it disturbed him how much he wished he could just go back to sleep and be in Tonys tight embrace. A shiver ran through his body and he stroked his wood, picturing Tony writhing beneath him. NO ! It was wrong. His hand released his member before standing angrily and walking to his private office, sitting heavily in his chair he began to write.. 'The Conservative Revolution'

  • ChattyCathy - Am I reading the same book?

    This book was one of the worst I read this year. It feels like it's written for ten year olds and the story is lacking. People said this was like twilight but with a smarter sharper female character. It was not anything like that. Also, at least no one gets kidnapped to be a weird vampire slave in Twilight and that's how they meet their dream vampire boyfriend. Sophia is pretty Bella-esq and this lead male character is ruthless royalty and in seconds he falls for a mere human girl, oooook. It just didn't seem like the five star book other reviewers had talked about.