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  • Roxie's Romance Reviews - "Super amazing Alien Romance!!"

    Like all of Celia Kyle and Erin Tate Alien Romances this series Rocks!. The storyline is incredible!. The characters are unique and awesome!.

  • Kathy Grant - Baseball Time

    Our 10 year old Grandson loves baseball, and loves practicing. We bought this for him to help get his "swing" to count! We just purchased this, he was completely excited with it, but have to wait until Spring to see if his "swing" his better. But he is outside practicing all the time now and that can't be bad!

  • Hope Ashburn - Convenient source of recommended ratios

    Convenient way to take the recommended ratio of Myo-Inositol to DCI-Inositol. I have almost finished the first box and have lost 10 lbs (140 to 130) with no significant changes to diet of exercise. I was not taking this supplement for weight loss, only for PCOS symptoms, but it was a nice side effect from what is hopefully the result of balancing hormones and insulin resistance.

  • Linda R - Great bookl for people with Osteoarthritis!

    I purchased this years ago but could not find my book. I saw this Kindle version and downloaded it - loved getting the revised book because mine was so old. I got the new book and could read it - I did eventually find my original book. I saw the best hands specialist in not only our area, but people fly in from all over the world. His only recommendation for me and my osteoarthritis of my hands was the same as this book or fusion of joints. The book wins.

  • cari - Hair Vitamins Never Work

    My hair didn't grow any faster than usual.Nothing about my hair changed and I took as directed. Save your money.