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  • Michael - Maybe it might work better for you, but not me

    It's not a miracle worker and people shouldn't expect it to be. Been using it everyday for 20 days now, and still not sure is it working or not, and that does say something. I'll continue to use it until it runs out, but .....not expecting anything really. Might be because my 2-3 years scars are too old.

  • Stephen - Neutral white vs Cool white

    As many reviews have already stated, this light is a steal for the price, no doubt there. But for those wondering which color to get, read on... It was definitely a hard decision for me, as this would be the first neutral white flashlight to own, I have many other cool white tints. It was such a tough decision that I decided to order both lights and compare the two in person. Upon arrival I got the cool white first as the neutral white was out of stock. I really enjoyed this light thoroughly, it was super bright for an EDC sized light, have great throw and a wide spill, and the best light I own for EDC. The cool white is definitely not the standard cool white tint found in many other lights, it was a bit warmer and I did enjoy this, colors were truer, plants were green, and the outdoors seemed a little bit more natural at night. I was in love with it, but the only thing nagging in my mind was the trueness of the neutral white tint. The neutral white arrives a week later and immediately I threw in a fully charged 18650, at first I was slightly disappointed, being that it was my first time ever having a NW light, it kinda seemed blah to me, it looked dimmer and unappealing and reminded me of the old maglights. However, the more I used the NW version, the more I warmed up to the idea of the NW tint (no pun intended). First use outside and I was astounded, the colors were real! Nature was as nature intended it to be, grass was green, wood was brown, everything felt more like real life. That is when I knew that NW tint was the one to go with. Neutral white tints do loose some lumens, and loose a slight bit of throw, but in my opinion it is definitely worth it. In a world of flashlights were lumens are everything, sometimes its best to step back and see the real use of an EDC light and ask yourself, do colors, depth perception, and usability matter more to you than lumens and throw? Thats for you to decide, but for me, neutral white it is.