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  • Yolanda - Best nasal irrigation system on the market

    Best nasal irrigation system on the market! Why use an old fashion nasal-pot? Those old fashion nasal pots are messy and don't do a through job. The Navage really irrigates! I can not take sinus medications so when the cold and flu season hits me, I reach for my Navage. Otherwise my sinus' stay clogged. What I like best about this irrigation system is that it is not messy, easy to use, and does a consistent job. Highly recommend!

  • billy - very accurate and easy compared to mercury thermometer

    I love this new digital thermometer technology. it is so quick and non invasive and it can be used on all ages. i no longer have to waste time with my manually classic mercury thermometer, since it tested out to be just as accurate. I used my family as a guinea pig and took a variety of temperatures with both thermometers. They both seem very accurate and pretty close. Plus the difference of a few tenths of a degree usually isn’t enough that’s going to change what you do, whether it’s give meds or not give meds, or take to the doctor versus not take to the doctor. Temporal is a great option.

  • ginger - Not the same as Ketochlor shampoo

    I ordered this product thinking it was going to be the equivalent of the Virbac Ketochlor shampoo we had received from our vet. This product doesn't even come close (not for the reason we purchased it). It might work on other bacteria for dogs, but not yeast.

  • KingGT90 - This book was delivered in New condition, along with ...

    This book was delivered in New condition, along with some other books that I recently ordered from Amazon. I was interested in alternative diets and was drawn to this book as a 'Starter', to changing my eating habits. Hopefully it helps.

  • Cosmowomen - A staple

    A long time ago I read about the benifits of CLA after Dr Oz.mentioned it. Well I bought that brand (can't think of the name) for awhile but then I thought why I am spending this amount for a liquid that taste's somewhat ok when I'm sure I can find it in pill form. Pill form IMO is easier for some supplements such as this. Cause I can take it w/me in my purse on the go, traveling etc. So I tried a couple brands & I love this brand its a great price 2!!!!! I work long days and if I take this w/fish oil it really really really helps the food cravings and I can go longer w/out eating (I know that's not good for u but sometimes at work I get so crazy I don't have time until later on to eat) and if I take it before a meal I won't eat as much. This is a staple in my house love it!!!!

  • 383PA - Okay but not the same weight.

    Lighter in weight than previous pan set.I liked the weight and feel of my old pans.Hope these can hold up as well.Used for two months okay so far.I hope there made in the USA.