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Dictionar Medical Dictionar medical stomatologic Dictionar de stomatologie - Dictionar cu termeni medicali si stomatologici. Gasesti explicatii ale termenilor medicali si definitia termenilor stomatologici. Termenii din Dictionarul medical stomatologic sunt ordonati alfabetic.

  • http://dictionar-medical.clinicistomatologice.ro/limfocite#right_col Limfocite - Sistemul imunitar este reprezentat de tesuturi derivate din mezoderm, a caror principala componenta celulara este limfocitul. De aici deriva
  • http://dictionar-medical.clinicistomatologice.ro/ldl-colesterol#right_col Ldl colesterol - Fractiune a colesterolului sangvin transportata de catre lipoproteine (molecule care asociaza lipidele si proteinele) de tip LDL
  • http://dictionar-medical.clinicistomatologice.ro/mcardle-schmid-pearson-boala-lui#right_col Mcardle-schmid-pearson (boala lui) - Boala ereditara cauzata de un deficit al enzimei denumite fosforilaza, in celulele musculare

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  • Kay-Daver - Use this product daily when I work and has been ...

    Use this product daily when I work and has been my mainstay for a few years now. I find the light is just a little too pink as I have very pink skin that gets pinker when it is hot outside or irritated, and I tend to chose foundation that neutralizes that. This doesn't add to the pink, but doesn't do much to help tone it down either.

  • NCRed74 - Too strong a smell for me

    I had to move the unopened package into the basement within a hour of arrival because the smell was so strong that my eyes watered and I kept sneezing. I was still hopeful I could use a couple in my basement but I have an old house and the basement isn't sealed very well, so the too-strong odor wafted up and continued to wreak havoc with my sinuses.

  • Trebor - Digital fun that never ends

    I hesitantly purchased Rocksmith 2014 after seeing a commercial on television. I'm too old to have ever played the game, but I have to say it is nothing short of a blast. I can't say how much it goes toward helping learn guitar; certainly it doesn't reveal any secrets which can't be divined from the Inter-Web. However, I have taken to jamming thru Rocksmith 2014 all the time because I love the sound profiles and the ability to shift between them instantly at the touch of a button. I managed to learn a few songs with Rocksmith, although I'm not very keen on most of the rock titles offered with the program. I hadn't heard of about 90% of the titles. The studio session is a lot of fun to jam against and experiment.

  • Mom in CT - Disappointed in what I thought would be helpful

    The book hooks you in making you think you are about to read a "real" way to detox your body. Then, as it gets to the nitty gritty of how to achieve the detox diet, you realize that there are several products that are being marketed here... all available on his web site. Plus, the books intro tells you to go to the resources page of the web site to be coached, and it brings you directly to the selling page, and then everything you click on brings you to a selling page. Returned the book. Very disappointed.

  • Randall L. Veal - Great tool to have in your arsenal

    Great tool to have in your arsenal. I use it to cut perfect holes to install speakers in boats. I'm sure I will find other uses for it in the future. Love the carrying case as well to keep all the pieces in one place.

  • Yasmina - Love it

    I've ordered this product three times already, because I believe it does work. It's not a lose weight quick pill, but I use it for an added burst of energy before my workouts and it helps me work harder longer. I love it.