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  • A Asgari - Sturdy and strong

    Good quality, slim design and easy to install and remove from the phone. After just few weeks of using the back is full of small scratches but I really don't care as you hardly can see them, and after all that's why the cover is there. Have dropped the phone couple of times already and survived, nothing serious though and just gentle drops on soft surfaces.

  • Brian Patrick Benda - Impressed So Far ... Using 9g Sample

    I recently received the free 9g sample directly from Caboki's website and have been using it now for a couple days. My total cost was about $6 for shipping. I came here first to read some reviews to see if the product really seemed to work as good in real life as it appears to on the YouTube ads. From what I gathered, reviews are pretty well mixed, people either are amazed or hate the product. Personally, I am pretty impressed and would consider buying the product when my sample runs out.

  • Barbara A. Rues - What a Deal!

    I've liked this product for years but lost track of the lady I got them from, then decided to try Amazon and yay, they're cheaper and no shipping! I make sure to take one with my vitamins after breakfast and it noticeably tames down my appetite the whole day. Believe me, I've tried endless products of this type and this is the only one, short of some speed-like drug, that actually has an effect. Only trouble for me is I can't take the second one prescribed for later in the day, because it has caffeine and I'd never sleep at night. Sometime I take it after lunch and then it works longer into the evening but doesn't keep me up at night.

  • Anongw65 - I love this board

    I love this board! Although not an extreme overclocker, I like having the option at hand. My only issue that I've had with the board is with it's BIOS. Fortunately, the board has a backup BIOS, and I've been booting off of that without issue. I've tried the "flashback" utility and copying over my BIOS 2 setting over to BIOS 1, but all to no avail. That being said, as I'm happy with my system and it's performance, the issue that I have with BIOS 1 is not enough for me to tear the whole computer apart to RMA the board. For that fact, my actual rating should be 4.5, but I can't put in a half star.

  • Amazon Customer - looks just as pictured and the lights are awesome. Sized exacly although we had to convert eu ...

    Exactly what i was expecting..looks just as pictured and the lights are awesome. Sized exacly although we had to convert eu size to us size so i wasnt sure but it was correct. LOVE

  • M.Hager - Not going to play it on-line.

    It has been one week sense its release and this game is still not able to find online games, or connect to your friends on live. I would save my money and wait until the title drops into the $20 classics category maybe by then they will have it out of consumer beta testing.

  • glam girl - Very good but flawed

    This is my third time with norton 360 and it works great with all of my devices except iOS . The phone tracker in iOS is severely flawed. It's best to use the find my phone app from other venders.