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  • Nick - Almost perfect...

    Well, I finally found at least one thing the venerable gorilla glue won't adhere to: car steering wheel vinyl (and presumably any other vinyl, too. Was trying to make a mount for my cell phone directly on my steering wheel for GPS use (watch out airbag deployment, though!) and found that gorilla won't adhere. Very surprised.

  • Richard Lyon - top tier mouse for pros

    was deciding between the finalmouse and the fk1 . both top tier mice for cs .... but finalmouse is about 20 grams less. sensor is supposed to be better also. I can definitely tell the tracking is good, there is no acceleration or prediction, and the responsiveness feels really good. Lift off distance is perfect also. Feels great Im going to be telling my friends to get it. No Cons that come to mind.

  • Jessica A. Roelke - just started putting quarters in this with my daughter- she ...

    just started putting quarters in this with my daughter- she loves this - can't wait to use it to teach her more about the national parks!

  • Lauren In Glen Burnie - Expensive but very good!

    Like many of the others that have reviewed this shampoo, I too stayed at a Hilton and used it. This shampoo is without a doubt the best I have ever tried on my hair. You do not have to use much as it lathers up very well. I only wash my hair once every four days or so and combined with using a small amount it should last awhile but at $18 it is expensive. Seems to me that if they lowered the price they would probably sell more but I don't know what their overhead is. I really think this stuff would catch on if they did! It leaves my hair shiny and so soft and manageable when used with their mega rich conditioner (also very expensive) and as I said, this stuff really really is good. Just wish it was a bit cheaper.... I would have rated it an enthusiastic 5 stars if it was around $10 or $11 a bottle.

  • pagesofsunshine - Very Sweet Book

    This is such a sweet book. Young Sam describes all of the super powers his dad possesses and does it with such pride and awe. It is written so well and is easy for kids to understand and read. it keeps their attention and allows them to see that their dad too is a superhero. My 4 year old neighbor said her mom has super powers too. She added her mom knows everything. I believe it is a sweet reminder to all of us, regardless of age that yes all parents are super heroes. The illustrations were adorable and fit perfectly. It is silly and cute and such a fun book to read. It made me giggle a few times. The author Lily Lexington is wonderful. Her imagination is touching and she truly sees what kids see and think. I will be checking more of her books. I definitely recommend this book to everyone; it is a joy to read.

  • Nathan - Great XBOX One External Drive!

    I purchased this to use as an external drive for my Xbox One S. I plugged it in and the Xbox noticed it instantly and formatted it for use. Total time to install was less than 30 seconds. While it does not say it in the description, this model actually uses 7200 RPM disks so you'll definitely notice a decent performance boost when loading and installing games. Overall I'm extremely happy with it and now have plenty of room for games and apps. It runs extremely quietly, you can't even tell that it's on. If you're looking for an Xbox One drive this is a great choice!

  • Veronica A. Sims - Results

    I am actually seeing results with this cream. I was trying so many different ones that I could afford anyway. This is the first one that I'm noticing a difference in the severity of my wrinkles, especially around my mouth. I've been using it for about 3 weeks now and I hope that by 6 to 8 weeks, othere people with notice the results. I'm going to buy it again.