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  • American Boy - "Best of the Bunch"

    I resent buying internet security software that slows my computer down to a crawl, messes up other programs, and gives me a lot of extra work. There is nothing gratifying about my having to get the bugs out of a program that should have worked flawlessly, in the first place.

  • peechareno - Different than older model I had!

    Can't really say it's anything like the older one my husband owned that I shaved my legs with - the speed was much faster in yesteryear tho' not the same model, granted. The older razor body was much more substantial, and I purchased this one for a backup to my blade razor primarily. It shaved very close - once I got over the difference in speed, and yes, the cord is pretty short, but I can't stand the charging razors, so it was the better alternative there. Already returned a Lady Remington last week and a Remington trimming electric as well - they were totally useless! This is definitely better. My hair is very fine, so I don't know what it would do with a man's heavier beard, but it's worth a try with their return guarantee. All in all am satisfied with how it shaved my legs, and again, it was a close shave which was what I like for touchups with convenience. Inexpensive too - and it is great to have it around now that I've come to terms with it! Less abrasive than the older one too - again, model differences? I think I will become used to it and be glad I bought it. They really have changed things in this Disposable Item Age, that's however a given!!

  • Janet C. Volzer - very nice folder

    The folder was very nice but after i purchased it I learned that the National Park quarters are very hard to find and my local banks do not get them when issued. I returned the folder.

  • Jennifer Utrata - Good deal, better than Skuut

    Love this bike, did a lot of research and I think we'll get more use of it than the Skuut. However, my tall 2.5 year old seems afraid to use it thus far. I think he will grow into it, but I wish my (tall) 4 year old could use this bike better. Even when we adjust the seat it's a bit too small for my 4 year old. So the seat adjustment could be a bit better. Other than that I think it will be fun once my 2 year old grows into it.

  • Careful Shopper - Clear, easy to follow and use to check answers

    Easy to follow and use to check answers. PROBLEMS are NOT WORKED OUT so if you need to show student (homeschool or in class) what the steps are, then you need to take the time to work it out.

  • JillHuff - Average

    I got this as a gift for my boyfriend, he loved it. He was really excited about the gun, but the tv wouldn't calibrate it correctly so he couldn't use it. He played it for probably 3 days straight and ended up beating the game. It usually takes him a week or two to beat most games he buys. He had a lot of fun playing it but said it would be better if perhaps it had an expansion pack or something to make it more dificult.

  • tarathecupcake - Great stuff!

    Got a sample of the peach pink in my ipsy bag & love it... Finding it on Amazon makes it even better. I have been searching for the perfect blush & have finally found it. Try it, you'll like it. A+++