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  • Boggart - If the cats are happy, eveyone is happy.

    Had to move out of the house due to some renovations. Moved, with 2 Siamese, scratching post, cat box, cat tunnel, small cat tree, water fountain, bowls, and food into a home with three dogs. Put in the Feliway diffuser several hours before bringing cats into the house. Cats stayed upstairs in a closed off room, but all their paraphernalia didn't fool them one bit. They knew it wasn't home. The Feliway definitely helped them relax. By the second day they were their usual selves, sleeping on top of the bed instead of hiding under the covers, and jumping from cabinet tops to chase each other around. Now and then one of them would sit right next to the diffuser. Feliway may not cover all problems nor work for all cats, but it sure made my little lovers of routine easier to deal with in a situation that was anything but routine.

  • jedikitty - Works way better than Zovirax, however...

    Fighting cold sores for the past 3+ decades, I have tried all the prescription as well as OTC treatments, and numerous word of mouth home remedies.

  • CougFan - Loveable robot with attitude!

    I pre-ordered Cozmo after seeing Cozmoments! I was unsure if this little robot would match the marketing, but it did! And then some!

  • Kelly Boetcher - WASTE OF MONEY

    We bought this product to treat several areas where our cats had urinated on the carpet. I might as well have dumped plain water on the areas. This product did NOTHING to get the urine smell out, even after multiple applications. Save your money and time and spray the area with a mixture of 50/50 water and vinegar, let it dry, sprinkle with baking soda, pour 1/4 cup peroxide mixed with 1 drop of dish soap on the baking soda, let dry, and vacuum up. MUCH cheaper and actually works!

  • Laurie Meyers - I didn't notice any change using this product but I ...

    I didn't notice any change using this product but I didn't purchase Step 2. Not sure if that would have made the difference or not.

  • Bill - Great razor at a great price.

    I ordered this to replace a razor that was several years old. I really liked the razor I had which was also a Philips Norelco and very similar to this model. My shaving pattern is a blade razor three or four days a week and the electric the other days. I never expect an electric razor to shave as close as a blade. This one does not shave as close as a blade but comes very close. This razor does such a good job, I will probably start using the electric more often than the blade. I know there are electric razors out there in the upper $100 range but I can't imagine how you could get any better performance than this one. This is a great razor at a great price.

  • Tiffany - Endless Lighting Possibilities!

    This lighting set is so fun! You can literally use it for anything and come up with all sorts of ideas. My husband decided to string it behind the tv and it looks amazing! We get so many compliments!