Custom Physical Therapy - Custom Physical Therapy, an outpatient physical therapy group in Sparks and Reno, NV, specializes in orthopedics, sports medicine and industrial rehab.

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  • Ryan M. Suydam - Great for kids

    Works as advertised. Good substitute for soft toss. Plastic, the case is already missing a chunk where a ground ball came back and broke it. But for the price, it's am fine product.

  • Lisa F - Does Not work as Advertised

    I have a small area on my arm from poison ivy. As soon as I noticed it I used Zanfel as per the package directions. The itching went away for a few hours but then it returned. The bumps and redness never disappeared. I then used Zanfel a second time on the same area with the same results. I've used Zanfel 4 times on this same area in a 48 hour time period. All it does is reduce the itching for a few hours. I can get the same results with Benedryl topical for a much cheaper price. I will not buy this product again.

  • MGS49 - Tarocco Shampoo

    We found out about Cali when we were visiting Eagle Ridge Resort in Galena IL for an anniversary weekend. We love these products and will continue to order them.

  • deja0822 - Great Serum

    I had been buying a much more expensive brand of serum and I heard about Boots, so I had to try it. I really like it. It works just as well as the expensive serum. I will continue to use this.

  • Megan G - FRERs No Longer BEST Test Out There

    I bought these tests for their great reviews and recommendations from others; however, after using the whole box, I can definitely recommend against buying them. I believe the new updated version with the curved handle are now less sensitive or something. I am pregnant (ClearBlue Digital w/ Weeks Estimator, Dollar Store Test, and Wondfo HCG Strip), but these tests will still not pick it up. I have had my betas done at my doctor so there is also no way the other three are magically false positives. Perhaps these will work when I am further along (not that I plan to buy again), but for the early detection that they are always spoken so highly of, is not a reality anymore!

  • A.J. - and it is super easy to install

    this is one heavy duty bumper. it's a hundred and four pounds, and it is super easy to install. I install the bumper myself in about an hour. the best thing of all is the weight on the back of the truck.I used to spin the back tires in the rain get sideways ever since I got that bumper it sticks. it's the best thing I've put on my truck so far.

  • ayla - So far ive only taken the product two days but ...

    So far ive only taken the product two days but it has reduced my appetite and given me more energy. I'm already leaning towards buying another month