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  • silvermoonsparkling - lovely!

    I bought this as one of two calendars for 2012. I live in two different cities and spend time visiting my families in both of those cities. I wanted one calendar for each home I live in, and couldn't find this one in stores, so I ordered it here. This calendar has good pictures of Kim, Kourtney and Khloe and one of Kris Jenner. I hung it on my wall in between my windows and it has good quality photos.

  • Donald W. Campbell - Only hose to ever buy...REALLY

    My first one I purchased back in 2006. It is still working fine, except it was about 50' too short, so I got another one.

  • T. Nelson - Multiple Benefits !!!

    I wrote this for another forum. The *SUBSTANCE* mentioned is this product, Thieves Essential Oil by Young Living. At age 67 I had taken some Vitamin D and it caused my feet, ankles, and lower legs to swell (edema).

  • Mandi - Amazing documentary, very informative

    Amazing documentary, very informative! Mr. D Souza never disappoints me. Highly recommend to anyone, left or right, it puts the last 8 years into a more understood perspective.

  • matthew andrews - this is not Healthy Coffee or a Healthy idea

    I cant stand the fact that this coffee is being branded as Healthy due to the other ingredients that are in it and its other products in the family. The taste is infact very poor and tastes more like a cheap powdered instant coffee which leaves that kind of gritty taste in your mouth. Also this company brands itself in a way that makes it sound like some kind of luxury and really trys to hit home on the Healthy part to make it sound different. The company wont tell you where there beans come from or what kind of bean they are, They don't or cant tell you how old the coffee often is which makes a difference to taste, they cant tell you how much of the mushroom is actually in the coffee, the part that they say is good for you. Ive looked over this time and time again as ive been invited to join the company and although they will scream at you that this is not a pyramid style scam because they are illegal it appears to me that the only difference is that they are supplying you with a product which yes does make it legal but very poor quality and they make their money from vulnerable people who buy into the get rich quick promise. There are better coffee companies out there far better, that look after their customers, the people who sell it for them and the farmers who supply the bean so in my opinion stay away and don't give them any of your money

  • Paul Thompson - great John Hiatt

    this is a great collection of recent John Hiatt material. If you don't own any copy of his music, this is a must buy!

  • Mason - Got the job done!

    I sprayed one time and it got rid of my bugs! Like the tiny spray tube that goes on the nozel to get in tiny spaces!