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  • epocnj - Great Product!

    We have always enjoyed the banana whip at the Bashful Banana on the OC Boardwalk but couldn't bring ourselves to purchase the big machine that they use- just too much money and too big for our kitchen. This is great. It makes a great banana whip and is very easy to clean- a very reasonable price. Fantastic!!

  • Marnie Diehl-Padget - Fast charging, compact design

    This power bank is super fast, and fits in my pocket. Gone are the days I'm running around looking for an outlet. Living in Orlando, I frequent theme parks, and you don't want to stop your day to wait for a device to charge. Could not be happier.

  • KmariaP - hair feels soft, i like the scent too

    I used this hair masque today for the first time and I was skeptical. The consistency is thick, almost like a clay face masque. The scent was nice enough, not to chemically or offensive but not amazing. It's kind of what I expected for this kind of product. The masque goes on after you shower onto damp hair. I paused my shower and applied it mid-shower and put on the disposable shower cap provided. I loved the little packs this comes in too. So cute, 8 in all. After the suggested time of 5 mins I rinsed and thought my hair felt a tiny bit dry so I followed up with conditioner. I happened to have the Pura D'or hair loss conditioner so I used that. It helped a lot. My hair is dry now and I still smell the scent from the masque, but it is pleasant. My hair feels moisturized and I like the result. I'm very happy with this purchase.

  • Lourdes I Gutierrez - Amazing price and great product.

    This product is amazing for any type of skin. it is like getting a facial every time you use it. My skin feels softer and looks smoother. it has helped me get rid of some dark spots over time. I use it once a week to exfoliate. It will usually last me a couple of months.

  • Shankar - Have always wanted to play cricket on PS3 and this satiates me!

    I am a cricket crazy guy. Every morning, I wake up on cricinfo website, and read everything on it. If I need a break from my technical work, I play a game of stick cricket. I can bowl, bat and field without a cricket ground or ball or bat - in my living room, or while walking on the road or while strolling on the beach. As soon as I purchased my PS3, I always wanted to play cricket on it, and purchased this.